Houston-area violations lead to $785,000-plus in Fed-OSHA penalties

Fed-OSHA announced hefty fines for two Houston-area companies on Wednesday. Hassell Construction Co., which builds water and sewer lines, faces $423,900 in penalties and was cited for 16 safety violations, including six egregious willful violations for failing to protect workers from a trench cave-in. Cotton Commercial USA, a Katy-based company that provides remediation services for […]

Fed-OSHA offers cooling remedies for outdoor workers

As temperatures climbed into the mid-80s Tuesday afternoon, Fed-OSHA had some timely advice for employers in the region who have people working outdoors: Give them plenty of water, rest and shade. Observer-Reporter (Washington, Pa.)

New report on deadly 2013 fire calls for more HFD changes

On Wednesday, the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) released a 106-page report on the Houston Fire Department response to a deadly 2013 fire at a hotel along the Southwest Freeway, revealing poor radio communications, melting breathing apparatuses, and a lack of preparedness for wind-driven fires. Houston Free Press