Officials seek source of Legionnaires’ outbreak in the Bronx

As the number of people sickened in an outbreak of Legionnaires’ disease in the South Bronx climbed to 71 on Sunday, health officials were still piecing together where the illness, a form of pneumonia spread through airborne water droplets, might have originated. Four of the people stricken with Legionnaires’ have died from the disease, which […]

Rescue workers search for quarry worker after silo collapse

Rescue crews continued Monday to search the rubble of a collapsed silo at the Luck Stone quarry in Ashburn, Virginia where a 19-year-old worker was believed to be trapped. The silo, which contained mineral filler, a fine material used in asphalt, split open open about 6:30 a.m. on Monday. Leesburg Today

Construction worker falls 25 feet at Park City Film Studios

A construction worker fell approximately 25 feet in an accident at Park City Film Studios last week, the Park City Police Department said. The 33=year-old man reportedly works for a movie-production company. Park City News

Warning goes out as heat besieges workers in Houston

The recent spate of high heat and humidity sent at least four Houston-area workers to the hospital during the past week, Fed-OSHA reported Friday. The agency is investigating a possible fifth hospitalization. Houston Chronicle

Minnesota security hospital workers seek freer restraint policy

Union workers at the state hospital that houses 373 of Minnesota’s most violent and mentally ill patients want more freedom to use restraints amid recent incidents resulting in injuries to staff members. At Minnesota Security Hospital in St. Peter, the number of injuries suffered by staff so far this year is unprecedented, according to union […]

Workplace marijuana remains issue in Illinois

Thousands of Illinoisans have applied for permission under the state’s medical marijuana pilot program to use the drug to treat debilitating pain and illness. Without getting into the moot debate over whether marijuana should be allowed for those suffering from such things as arthritis, glaucoma, chronic post-operative pain or one of 42 other life-robbing ailments […]