Workplace violence common, today happened to be on TV

Murder in the workplace happens more than once a day in America. According to the Department of Labor there were 506 workplace homicides in 2010 – the last time it tracked those cases. That’s bad enough. But nearly 2 million Americans also report being victims of workplace violence each year. Violence is everything from verbal […]

U.S. Bank Stadium worker dies; construction halted

The lead contractor for the new Minnesota Vikings stadium is investigating the death of one worker and injuries to another Wednesday morning. Work on U.S. Bank Stadium was halted shortly after the workers fell at 7:45 a.m. while on the north side of the building. St. Paul Pioneer Press

LifeFleet fine lowered, will make health improvements

A North Lima, Ohio medical transport company and Fed-OSHA have come to an agreement that lowers a fine against the company and improves worker conditions. LifeFleet will pay OSHA $143,840 in fines, a $91,160 reduction from the original penalty. WKBN (Youngstown, Ohio)

Federal whistleblowing case results in 2 deaths

Late on Friday afternoon, Kevin Downing traveled from his home in New Jersey and arrived at his old employer’s workplace in New York’s SoHo district. The federal building contains several federal agencies, including regional offices of the Bureau of Labor Statistics, an agency that had fired Mr. Downing in 1999. Like most federal buildings, security […]

Fed-OSHA’s new burden of proof is a big burden for employers

Earlier this year, Fed-OSHA published a memorandum titled, Clarification of the Investigative Standard for OSHA Whistleblower Investigations. This “clarification” is actually a loosening of Fed-OSHA’s investigatory standard. Now, all Fed-OSHA needs to pursue a retaliation claim against an employer is “reasonable cause to believe that a violation occurred.” What does “reasonable cause” mean? Workforce

Franchises fear Fed-OSHA has adopted NLRB’s ‘joint employer’ approach

Fed-OSHA appears to have embraced the idea that franchisors are joint employers with their franchisees, according to the International Franchise Association, which says that Fed-OSHA investigators have been requesting documents detailing the business relationship between franchisors and franchisees. Business Journals

Fed-OSHA proposes fine for violations at Wisconsin factory

Fed-OSHA has cited a Marshfield, Wisconsin maker of farm machinery, with violations including improper machine guarding, exposure of workers to fire hazards in spray booths and improper use and maintenance of forklift trucks. Proposed fines total $59,000. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel