Buffalo-area 7-Eleven workers demand investment to prevent violence

Employees at Buffalo-area 7-Eleven convenience stores say there isn’t enough being done to protect them on the job, particularly during overnight shifts. After multiple robberies and the sexual assault of a worker in February, workers are urging the company to make changes to staffing and security. WBFO (Buffalo, N.Y.) [with audio]

Case Farms appeals Fed-OSHA violations

One of the largest chicken processing companies in northeast Ohio is contesting the latest round of worker safety citations. Case Farms is contesting the August 13 announcement that the company’s processing plant exposes workers to the dangers of amputation, electrocution and hazardous falls, which resulted in $861,000 in fines and 55 violations against the company. […]

Nebraska flooring company disputes Fed-OSHA allegations

Federal investigators are alleging that a Norfolk, Nebraska flooring materials company tried to hide hazardous machines from federal inspectors and threatened to fire employees who complained about unsafe working conditions. The allegations stem from a Fed-OSHA investigation into why a 65-year-old temporary worker suffered the amputation of one finger and severe damage to another when […]

Industry deals with dangers of fracking sand

The disease dates back to the ancient Greeks and Romans, but it continues to kill workers today. Oil and gas is the latest industry to face its threat. Silicosis is an incurable but entirely preventable disease caused by breathing in particles of sand, or respirable crystalline silica. Some particles are invisible to the eye but […]