Colorado oil companies say they are safer, stats say otherwise

The country’s oil and gas companies say they are cooperating more and working harder to make jobs safer for employees even as a new report suggests oil-field work has never been more dangerous. The industry touts the rise of training networks, partnerships with governments and tough certification standards as helping to improve the work environment […]

Fed-OSHA rules suspension of county worker justified

A Fed-OSHA ruling confirms that a Trumbull County, Ohio employee was treated fairly when he was suspended from the county engineer’s office. Anthony Johnson was suspended for 30 days for causing a diesel fuel spill. A video tape shows Johnson was nowhere near a diesel pump he was using to fill up a tank on […]

Fed-OSHA levies $100K fine for unfortified trench

Fed-OSHA on Monday levied more than $100,000 in fines against a Fond du Lac, Wisconsin excavation company, claiming a head-high trench wasn’t reinforced properly to protect a worker. Fond du Lac Reporter

Fed-OSHA guidelines on getting to the root cause of safety issues

It has always been a best practice to investigate incidents and near-misses with an eye for finding the root cause in order to prevent future incidents. But now with new, serious-injury reporting rules and enforcement procedures from Fed-OSHA, it’s more important than ever. It can mean the difference between a simple phone or letter inquiry […]

No criminal charges in ‘Falling Skies’ security guard death

No criminal charges will be filed in the death of a 59-year-old security guard who was crushed to death last September on the set of TNT’s Falling Skies in British Columbia after an unattended five-ton truck rolled down hill and pinned him against a tree. Deadline