Understanding the 2015 Wisconsin avian flu epidemic: Government oversight

An unprecedented avian influenza epidemic struck the poultry industry in the U.S. over the spring and early summer of 2015. It was concentrated in several Midwestern states, with Wisconsin seeing infections in several counties that are home to major turkey and chicken operations. Both federal and state government agencies worked in tandem with poultry farmers […]

Missouri dairy has third fatality in three years

Missouri’s largest dairy suffered its third work-related fatality in three years earlier this week. Fed-OSHA is investigating a death that occurred Monday at Sharpe Holdings dairy and cattle farm, also known as Heartland Dairy, which is located near LaBelle, Missouri. KBIA (Columbia, Mo.)

In Dallas, a push to give some workers a break

While installing a hardwood floor on a sweltering day last July in Melissa, about 50 miles northeast of Dallas, 25-year-old Roendy Granillo began to fill ill and asked for a water break, his co-workers later told Granillo’s father. But the job’s contractor expected him to keep working, they said. Hours later, Granillo was dead from […]

State police report details Vermont trooper’s death

A Vermont state trooper who died from heat stroke during a tryout with the department’s tactical unit told trainers who were worried about him that he was fine but tired before he collapsed, a new report shows. Burlington Free Press

Two rescued from trench collapse in Fargo

Two Fargo, North Dakota area workers are recovering after a trench collapsed on them. They were pouring concrete for a loading dock when one of the 25 foot long clay walls crumbled. One man was buried up to his waist and the other to his knees. Fed-OSHA is investigating. Valley News Live (South Fargo, N.D.)

Companies fined for worker’s 36-foot fall in New Braunfels

Fed-OSHA has issued a citation to two companies in connection with the March death of a 41-year-old worker in New Braunfels, Texas. The worker was was unloading several five-gallon buckets of paint onto the fourth floor of a building while standing on a platform at the end of a large forklift. The platform became unstable […]

New Jersey laundry company didn’t clean up its act after worker’s death, feds say

In Paterson, New Jersey, one of the largest commercial laundry companies in the region is facing up to $305,000 in fines for allegedly exposing employees to the same workplace hazards that contributed to a worker’s death in New York in 2011, federal labor authorities said. As reported by Newsday in 2011, the 24-year-old man was […]

Construction company fined for safety hazards at townhouse site

Fed-OSHA says a Martinsburg, West Virginia construction company faces more than $44,000 in fines for exposing workers to safety hazards at a Morgantown townhouse project. According to the citations, the company was working 35 feet up on a roof with no protection in case of a fall. The company also was cited for failing to […]

Oil and gas worker safety: What you need to know

The same documentary filmmaker who brought us the fraudulent flaming faucets and hoses of the Gasland series is returning with a new short film that suggests oil and gas companies don’t care about their workers, and that they routinely put their employees’ lives in direct danger in order to make big profits. That film, Gaswork, […]