After cryotherapy death, two Las Vegas salons shuttered and no one set to investigate

A very strange story has no clear ending. As two outlets of a beauty salon where an employee “froze to death” after cryotherapy were shut down by the state of Nevada, no authority appears ready to investigate her demise. The bizarre death of Chelsea Ake-Salvacion, an aesthetician at Rejuvenice, made headlines after she praised the […]

New confined space rules may squeeze unwary employers

Construction just got a lot more complicated, and not knowing the rules could land construction employers in a tight spot. Under Fed-OSHA’s sweeping new confined space rules for the construction industry, construction employers are now required to evaluate and monitor confined spaces in their worksites on a continuous basis to determine whether each confined space […]

Victim identified in fatal accident at Alabama plant

Officials have identified the victim of a fatal accident at Independence Tube Corp.’s Decatur, Alabama plant that occurred Wednesday morning when a 3-ton steel coil fell on a worker. Decatur Daily

GOP demands documents on Fed-OSHA rule targeting franchisers

Republican lawmakers are demanding that the Department of Labor turn over all documents relating to a proposed Occupational Safety and Health Administration rule that would make franchisers legally liable for violations at their franchisees. The lawmakers accuse the department of planning to use Fed-OSHA to punish businesses for issues unrelated to workplace safety and hiding […]

Anhydrous dealers prepare for OSHA policy changes

Anhydrous ammonia dealers are preparing for upcoming regulatory changes. North Dakota officials are fighting a recent policy change by Fed-OSHA affecting anhydrous retailers, but are also helping retailers prepare should efforts fail. The North Dakota Department of Agriculture is holding a free seminar to explain the requirements for facilities under the policy changes, which regulate […]

How common are parking garage collapses?

Just how common are parking garage collapses like the one that happened in Oak Lawn, Texas this weekend? Pretty common. On Friday, a chunk of the seventh floor deck of the parking garage at Renaissance Towers fell through, collapsing decks all the way to the ground floor. Dallas Voice

A virtual risk assessment for drivers intrigues big pharma company

Traffic accidents are huge cause of injuries and death, but if you look at it from the perspective of companies, they pose a big concern from an employer wellness perspective. They cost employers an estimated $60 billion each year, according to Fed-OSHA. That could be one reason a mobile tool that offers a risk assessment […]

Pennsylvania audiologists raises awareness of the health effects of a noisy world

It’s a cranked up, ear-poppingly loud world we’re living in and many folks are warning us to turn down the noise. Among them are the National Institute of Health, which promotes a program called It’s a Noisy Planet that offers resources for parents and kids and Dr. Alan Miller of Pinnacle ENT in Norristown, Pennsylvania. […]

Tyson, Fed-OSHA unveil programs to address worker health, safety

The poultry industry is addressing concerns about worker safety with new programs from Tyson Foods Inc. and Fed-OSHA. Tyson announced a new program Monday that will start at nine plants and is expected to provide the groundwork for a company-wide safety initiative. Arkansas Online

Worker trapped under forklift suffers serious injuries to legs

In Portland, Oregon, a maintenance worker was pinned underneath a forklift for more than 15 minutes before firefighters were able to rescue him. Investigators say a counterweight fell off the forklift as a man was working on it. The forklift landed on his legs, trapping him underneath it. KPTV-KPDX (Portland, Ore.)