Feds spend week on Washington pot farm: ‘This is novel for us’

It’s an unprecedented event in the history of marijuana in this country. Federal researchers spent most of the week on a working medical marijuana farm in Vancouver, Washington to study the occupational hazards of growing and processing marijuana. The focus of the researchers is not what is being manufactured, but how. The ergonomics, work environment, […]

Fed-OSHA investigating what caused crane to topple onto garage, building in Denver

A crane toppled over, crashing into a parking garage under construction and onto the roof of an adjacent building in Denver’s River North neighborhood last week. One worker had minor injuries, officials said. Investigators said the crane collapsed when one of its hydraulic supports plunged into a sinkhole. KMGH (Denver)

Repairs were debated before death at Port Arthur, Texas plant

For months before a Kinder Morgan worker drowned at Total’s Port Arthur, Texas refinery, employees worked near a scalding wastewater pit on a bulldozer because neither company wanted to pay for repairs to the crane designed for the job, according to a lawsuit filed by Total before the fatal accident. The lack of a crane […]

New injury and illness reporting rules in place in Wyoming

The Wyoming Department of Workforce Services Occupational Safety and Health Administration is alerting Wyoming employers to a revised rule, now effective in Wyoming, which requires employers to notify Wyoming OSHA when an employee suffers a work-related hospitalization, amputation or loss of an eye. The notification is required within 24 hours of the incident. The rule […]

Fed-OSHA delays enforcement of new PSM policy; lawmakers call for formal rulemaking

Fed-OSHA will delay enforcing a new interpretation of its Process Safety Management Standard, prompting a bipartisan group of lawmakers to call for the agency to withdraw that interpretation. In a July 22 memorandum, Fed-OSHA announced it had revised the interpretation that exempted retail facilities from PSM requirements. The exemption originally was intended only for retail […]

Scarf-like mask can protect at a moment’s notice

Army researchers have developed a simple, comfortable, wrap-style respiratory protective mask for protection against riot control agents, and the U.S. Army Edgewood Chemical Biological Center is making it as a simple as putting on a surgical mask. Fort Campbell Courier

Experts say it’s up to you to dig into your company’s safety record

It was a tragic turn of events at Independence Tube Corporation in Decatur, Alabama on Wednesday morning. Police say a 49-year-old worker was handling large steel coil, when one weighing 6,000 pounds fell and killed him. In instances like these, employee safety becomes a point of conversation. How can you as an employee find out […]

Is cryotherapy safe? What you need to know about this trend

The recent and still unexplained death of Chelsea Ake-Salvacion that occurred in a Nevada cryotherapy center has raised questions regarding the safety of the trendy health treatment, which has been promoted by superstar athletes such as Kobe Bryant and Floyd Mayweather. Although whole body cryotherapy devices have been touted as remedies for conditions ranging from […]

‘A Day’s Work’ takes a hard, engaging look at safety of temp workers

The film ‘A Day’s Work’ focuses on the story of Lawrence Daquan Davis, a 21-year-old temp worker at a Bacardi bottling plant in Jacksonville, Florida. He was killed in 2012, just 90 minutes into his first day on the job, after a scant 15-minute training session and amid what Fed-OSHA later determined to be a […]