Fed-OSHA hits Case Farms with more fines

Fed-OSHA has hit Case Farms with another $462,000 in penalties for safety issues with the ammonia refrigeration systems at two Ohio plants. Fed-OSHA cited Case Farms’ Canton plant for five repeat and three serious violations, totaling $154,000 in penalties. Inspectors cited the company’s plant in Winesburg for 11 repeat, four serious and two other violations, […]

Chemical flavorings found in e-cigarettes linked to lung disease

Dacetyl, a flavoring chemical linked to cases of severe respiratory disease, was found in more than 75 percent of flavored electronic cigarettes and refill liquids tested by researchers at Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. Two other related, potentially harmful compounds were also found in many of the tested flavors, which included varieties with […]

Driver coercion rule published, takes effect in January

The U.S. Department of Transportation published Nov. 30 a Final Rule that sets up new fines for carriers, brokers, shippers and others for pressuring truck drivers to operate outside of federal safety regulations. Such coercive acts generally come in the form of threatening truck drivers with fewer miles, fewer loads or other economic harm. The […]

MIOSHA: Psychiatric hospital employees were subjected to severe workplace violence

Michigan OSHA has charged that the employees at the Kalamazoo Regional Psychiatric Hospital were not following the rules when it came to handling patients and a number of them lost their jobs, and were even investigated for possible criminal violations for how they handled patients. An eight-month MIOSHA investigation of working conditions at the hospital […]

Fed-OSHA cites painting company after worker falls into Wisconsin water tower

Fed-OSHA is proposing fines of more than $178,000 to a Michigan company after one of their workers fell inside a Baraboo, Wisconsin water tower while he was painting it last June. The company was the primary contractor on the maintenance project, which involved cleaning, repair and painting the tower. The man fell from one platform […]

Illinois firms paid millions for violations

Some of the nation’s biggest violators of environmental, health and safety laws are from Illinois, according to a new data base that compiled information from 14 federal agencies, and tracked cases involving penalties and settlements of $5,000 or more since the beginning of 2010. The total for Illinois violators is $1,869,236,103, which is the third-worst […]

Businesses facing higher Fed-OSHA fines under new federal law

A new law gives the federal government the power to impose harsher fines on businesses that violate workplace safety laws, but the financial impact won’t be known until next summer. Fed-OSHA will be able to increase the penalties it imposes — the first increase of its kind in many years — because of a provision […]