Fed-OSHA investigating Dow Chemical Co. lab blast; 4 critical

Fed-OSHA is probing a chemical explosion at the Dow Chemical Co. in North Andover that critically injured four people, officials say. A fire official said the explosion occurred in a lab where employees were working with trimethyl-aluminum, a chemical used to make LED lights that is highly 
reactive with water. Boston Herald

Crews detonate hazardous materials from site of North Andover explosion

Crews detonated a container of hazardous materials on Friday from the site of a chemical explosion on Thursday. According to the Massachusetts State Fire Marshal, crews entered the Dow Chemical Company several times on Friday in North Andover. They recovered and assessed numerous containers and were able to remove hazardous items. WHDH (Boston)

Fatal fall at Texas cotton gin under review by Fed-OSHA

Slaton, Texas authorities and Fed-OSHA are continuing to investigate an industrial accident that led to a man’s death Wednesday evening at a cotton gin. The man was working on jammed equipment on top of the facility when he fell. He was hospitalized in Lubbock and died overnight. Lubbock Avalanche-Journal

Higher workplace safety fines likely in Wyoming

Wyoming companies could face higher workplace safety fines, thanks to legislation recently passed by Congress. State lawmakers voted Thursday to sponsor a bill for the upcoming session that would raise the state’s maximum Occupational Safety and Health Administration civil fines to match new federal requirements. The state’s proposal was prompted by a recently passed federal […]

Wyoming senator proposes that state cut ties with Fed-OSHA

A Casper lawmaker is pushing the idea of the state ending its partnership with Fed-OSHA and creating its own health and safety inspection program. The discussion comes as Fed-OSHA fines will increase 80 percent following the passage of federal legislation. Casper Senator Charles Scott says Fed-OSHA regulations hurt efforts to improve workplace safety in the […]

Fed-OSHA penalties set to skyrocket: Are you in compliance?

For 25 years, the maximum penalty amounts for violations of the Occupational Safety and Health Act have remained frozen. A thaw is about to set in, and quick. The budget act President Barack Obama signed on Nov. 2 contained a provision that does two things: First, it directs Fed-OSHA to make a “catch-up” adjustment, and […]

Body dimension data improves safety

Researchers at the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health have recorded and developed a database of firefighter body measurements to improve the design and safety of fire apparatus and equipment. The database will aid fire apparatus and equipment manufacturers in the design of seat belts, fire truck cabs, gloves, boots, clothing and self-contained breathing […]

Report underlines recent worker hazards at old weapons plants

The toxic morass that was America’s nuclear weapons complex is no secret. Hazardous conditions in places like the Portsmouth Gaseous Diffusion Plant in Ohio moved Congress in 2000 to create a compensation program for former workers who developed illnesses that may have been caused by radiation or chemical exposures. The program, run by the U.S. […]