Obama running out of time for regulations

President Obama’s window for issuing major regulations is beginning to close. While there is disagreement among experts about the drop-dead date, most say the administration has only until the spring or early summer to pursue additional environmental, health and labor protections before Obama leaves office. The Hill (Washington, D.C.)

Mobile Zoo fined $2,000 for touching movie star chimp Joe

Fed-has cited The Mobile Zoo for a worker-safety violation for allowing employees to come into direct contact with an aging chimpanzee named Joe, who played in a movie in the 90s. The citation and $2,000 fine stems from Facebook videos in which Joe touches, handles, and places his mouth near an employee’s hands and face. […]

Veneer firm cited by Fed-OSHA after finger amputation

Besse Forest Products Group has been asked to pay $76,000 for Fed-OSHA violations, including one which resulted in the partial amputation of a 58-year-old employee’s finger at a company-owned veneer plant. The Wisconsin-based veneer plant allegedly failed to guard operating parts of machinery, implement adequate machine safety procedures for clearing jams, install railings on open […]

Fed-OSHA investigating Texas worker’s fall

Fed-OSHA is investigating an industrial accident that left a man hospitalized with serious injuries Wednesday afternoon near Abernathy, Texas. A Texas Department of Public Safety spokesman said it was reported a man who worked for an electric company fell 60 to 70 feet from a structure. Lubbock Avalanche-Journal

Fed-OSHA investigates death of worker at GM plant in Ohio

Fed-OSHA is investigating the death of a worker at a General Motors plant in northwestern Ohio. The agency said in a statement Wednesday that it is investigating the report of a 50-year-old electrician’s death Tuesday at a GM plant in Defiance. Fed-OSHA says initial reports indicate the worker died from injuries received when he fell […]

Fed-OSHA: Roofers faced electrocution, long falls

A Stratford, Connecticut construction company faces fines of up to $48,400 after four of it employees, working on a roofing job, faced falls of up to 26 feet without any fall protection. Fed-OSHA inspectors found four employees working without fall protection, three atop the roof and one on a scaffold. These employees faced falls of […]

NIOSH study shows prevalence of work-related hearing loss, tinnitus

Increased awareness and targeted interventions may help protect workers from experiencing hearing loss and/or tinnitus, according to a recent study from NIOSH. Researchers analyzed national data on hearing conditions among workers who were exposed to elevated levels of occupational noise, as well as workers who were not exposed to such noise. Safety+Health

Venetia contractor, Pittsburgh agency fined by Fed-OSHA

A Venetia, Pennsylvania construction contractor has been fined $37,000 by Fed-OSHA for failing to provide safety measures for temporary employees. A subcontractor staffing agency in Pittsburgh who provided employees was also fined $7,000, according to Fed-OSHA, for failing to provide adequate train workers in potentially dangerous environments. Observer-Reporter (Washington, Pa.)