Florida worker’s hand severely injured in chemical blast

A worker’s hand was severely injured during a chemical explosion in Weston, Florida on Wednesday morning, according to a fire official. The explosive chemical reaction reportedly occurred when the man mixed a rust inhibitor that contained hydrofluoric acid with pool chlorine in a pump sprayer that was being pressurized. Sun-Sentinel

Fed-OSHA: Rhode Island collapse was preventable; contractor cited

Federal inspectors have completed their investigation into the collapse of a steel structure at Bryant University in Smithfield, Rhode Island last September, finding the incident could have been prevented. Six workers were injured on the morning of Sept. 1 when the structure, which was to become an indoor athletics facility, came tumbling down. Police on […]

Fed-OSHA investigating Rhode Island elevator accident

Fed-OSHA was called to a Warwick, Rhode Island business Wednesday morning after a man was injured in an lift elevator accident. A police official said the victim belonged to a church group that uses the second floor of the building and was not an employee at Unit Tool. Fed-OSHA reportedly will determine whether it was […]

Fed-OSHA cites Nebraska feed mill

Fed-OSHA has fined a Martell, Nebraska feed mill more than $56,000 for what the agency for alleged violations classified as repeat. Fed-OSHA says workers were exposed to fall hazards because of inadequate guardrails on stairwells and other spots; pulleys on augers and horizontal belts lacked guarding; and excessive grain dust exposed workers to respiratory hazards. […]

Fed-OSHA issues draft guidance for ‘weight of evidence’ approach

A new draft Fed-OSHA document outlines how employers can use an approach known as “weight of evidence” to assist in classifying hazardous chemicals. The process is intended to help employers evaluate scientific studies on chemical hazards, which can in turn be used to determine what information needs to be included on chemical labels and Safety […]

Amputated finger investigation leads Fed-OSHA to fine Ohio company

Republic Wire of West Chester Township, Ohio has been cited by Fed-OSHA, which began investigating the cable wire insulation maker after a 30-year-old line operator’s left pinky finger was crushed and amputated by the clamp arm of a machine as he welded two copper cables, according to the agency. Journal-News

11th Circuit upholds mining agency’s coal dust rule, phase-in continues

The Mine Safety and Health Administration may continue phasing-in its new coal dust rules, a three-judge panel of the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals has decided, relying on what it called a “holistic interpretation” of the Mine Act to uphold MSHA’s new rules. The rule expands sampling requirements, changes sampling methods and tools, lowers permissible […]

Report renews concern about asbestos-like minerals at sites in arid West

Recent research is focusing new attention on an asbestos-like mineral, blamed for staggering rates of a deadly cancer in Turkey, that also is found in the rocks and soil of 13 Western states. The U.S. Geological Survey has identified 95 sites where the mineral, erionite, exists. And a recent hazard assessment at one of the […]