Study vaporizes one of the biggest health claims against E-cigarettes

A new study calls into question one of the most frequently cited arguments for regulating e-cigarettes and doubting their potential to reduce harms caused by smoking. Published in Regulatory Toxicology and Pharmacology, the study shows levels of the carcinogen formaldehyde emitted from e-cigarettes are significantly lower than levels found in regular cigarettes. The study directly […]

Michigan OSHA issues hazard alert about working near ice

Even though winter is in its final weeks, workers need to keep taking proper precautions around ice, Michigan OSHA states in a hazard alert released in February. Eighty-eight workers in Michigan were hospitalized from 2014 to 2015 because of falling on ice on the job, according to state hospital surveillance data. Actual injury counts likely […]

DuPont rakes in federal dollars despite history of hazards

Four workers were tragically killed when an insecticide leaked into a building at DuPont’s LaPorte, Texas plant in November 2014. After two workers were overcome by toxic fumes, another responded to a distress call and was overwhelmed. His brother, too, died attempting to aid the fallen. Three others were injured. Fed-OSHA officials blasted DuPont in […]

Fed-OSHA enforcement program targets midwest manufacturing industries

Manufacturing industries with elevated injury and illness rates in Kansas, Missouri, and Nebraska face an increased probability of getting a comprehensive safety and health inspection as a result of an initiative launched by Fed-OSHA on January 25. Under a Regional Emphasis Program administered by Fed-OSHA’s Region 7 (covering Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, and Nebraska), industries in […]

Federal inspectors call for improved worker safety at Massachusetts hospital

Fed-OSHA has investigated complaints of worker injuries at Pembroke Hospital in Pembroke, Massachusetts and has urged the for-profit hospital to increase staffing levels and implement safety measures such as panic buttons for staff caring for violent patients. The agency issued a hazard alert letter to the hospital last October, four months after it conducted a […]