Police describe savage attack on nurse at Massachusetts psychiatric hospital

Police say a patient nearly tore off a nurse’s ear and attempted to gouge out her eye at Pembroke Hospital in Massachusetts over the weekend. The patient was allegedly placed in restraints after assaulting other hospital workers and then assaulted a nurse who was trying to transfer him into other another restraint system. Saturday’s assault […]

Fed-OSHA aims $92,400 in fines at Alabama contractor

A Baldwin County, Alabama construction company that suffered a fatality several years ago has been cited by Fed-OSHA for unsafe practices, with proposed penalties of more than $90,000. Following inspections at two construction sites in Daphne, it had issued repeat citations to Mega Construction for failing to provide fall protection equipment for employees working at […]

Fed-OSHA: Contractor died because floor designs for Kiln building unsafe

Fed-OSHA has cited two companies for unsafe wood floor designs that led to its collapse in 2015 and the death of a 54-year-old worker. He and three other workers were rebuilding the Jourdan River Steamer restaurant in Kiln, Mississippi which had been damaged by Hurricane Isaac. Sun Herald

Fed-OSHA fines company after fiery blast at Massachusetts library

Fed-OSHA is blaming a Marlborough, Massachusetts electrical company for the fiery explosion at the Framingham Public Library last year, and proposing $20,000 in fines. The devastating electrical explosion and fire at the main library on Oct. 17 set a 30-year-old worker’s clothes on fire and caused millions of dollars in damage. The library remains closed. […]