Health workers call for more safety from violence

A report Thursday by the Government Accountability Office on workplace safety showed the nation’s 15 million health care workers are five to 12 times more likely to suffer workplace injuries than other workers. Workers in state hospitals and residential and nursing facilities, a good portion of them involving psychiatric care, were higher still. The incidence […]

Coffee workers’ concerns brew over chemical’s link to lung disease

You might remember hearing about diacetyl several years ago, when a synthetic version of the chemical, which is used to give a buttery flavor to certain snack foods, was implicated in causing severe lung problems among workers at a microwave popcorn facility. Now it looks like that chemical could affect the coffee world as well. […]

Employee injured in two-alarm fire at chemical plant in Norfolk, Massachusetts

An employee suffered facial burns in a two-alarm blaze at a chemical plant Thursday afternoon in Norfolk, Massachusetts fire officials said. Firefighters and a hazmat team responded to Camger Chemical Systems shortly after 1:30 p.m. to find smoke billowing from the single-story brick section of the facility, where a mixing room for flammable solutions is […]

New federal silica exposure rule could cost billions

A new federal rule aimed at protecting workers from silica exposure will have farther reaching impact in plastics than some may think. Under the Fed-OSHA rules, permitted exposures to silica in the construction industry would be cut to 50 micrograms per cubic meter of air over an eight-hour period from 250 micrograms. In other industries, […]

Wet concrete falls from building, smashes car window in Jersey City

Wet concrete fell from a construction site in Downtown Jersey City Thursday and smashed a window of a woman’s car while she was driving, according to a city spokeswoman. Work at the Soho West, a 20-story residential building, was suspended temporarily. Jersey Journal

Two hospitalized after falling from 4-story hotel under construction in Billings

Two men have been hospitalized after falling Wednesday from the top of a hotel under construction in Billings, Montana. The framing subcontractors had been setting trusses on a hotel site when a gust of wind caused them to fall, according to a fire official. One man fell 40 feet down an elevator shaft, landing at […]