911 call details elephant attack in Fort Worth

The 911 call detailing an elephant attack at the Fort Worth Zoo last year has been released. The more than four-minute call touches on injuries a 37-year-old female zookeeper sustained from the elephant calf attack, including a puncture wound to her right leg that was bleeding, and injuries to her eye and jaw. Zoo officials […]

Wisconsin sauerkraut facility cited after worker falls in vat

Fed-OSHA has issued a number of safety violations to the world’s largest sauerkraut maker, the GLK Foods cannery in Bear Creek, Wisconsin, after an employee fell into a vat. The agency says a 35-year-old worker fell more than 17 feet into an empty sauerkraut vat and broke several bones. WBAY (Green Bay, Wisc.)

Fed-OSHA investigating Pennsylvania bridge incident

What caused two workers to fall from a ladder scaffolding system while working on Smock Bridge in Meadville, Pennsylvania last week is under investigation by the Erie office of Fed-OSHA. Two unidentified workers sustained injuries Thursday afternoon after they fell approximately 12 feet from a ladder scaffolding system while they were working on the bridge’s […]

Fed-OSHA seeing an ‘alarming’ number of lawnmower deaths

Fed-OSHA is sending out a warning to employees in the landscaping industry after the southwest regional office has investigated three deaths involving mowing equipment in the past 30 days. In Austin, a 25-year-old died on March 21 when the riding lawnmower he was on overturned and landed in a drainage ditch. Similar cases have been […]

Gun ranges produce thousands of tons of toxic pollution every year

The United States is home to more than than seven thousand shooting ranges, according to The National Shooting Sports Foundation, the gun industry’s largest trade group. Every year, these facilities attract an estimated 20 million visitors, who produce staggering amounts of debris. According to the Department of the Interior’s U.S. Geological Survey, an individual range […]

Fed-OSHA proposes penalties of $420,000 last month on local contractor

A Georgia-based roofing company that does work in Jacksonville, Florida has been assessed $420,000 in fines and penalties in the last month by Fed-OSHA for repeated safety violations. Jasper Contractors Inc. was inspected 13 times since 2009 where inspectors found 24 willful, serious and repeat violations of federal fall protection, personal protective equipment and other […]

Food workers receive whistleblower protections

Food workers who report corporate wrongdoing will be protected from retaliation by their employers under new Fed-OSHA rules. That means they cannot be fired or disciplined for disclosing information about food safety violations that is critical of the companies for which they work. The whistleblower protections will extend to employees of companies that “manufacture, process, […]