‘You need 300 hours of training and a license to shampoo hair?’

Occupational licensure is so damaging to the upward mobility of poor people and does so little to protect the public that even the Obama administration, with its reflexive pro-government inclinations, has criticized it. … Unnecessary and anti-competitive licensing rules have been repeatedly challenged in court, and often struck down as a violation of either state […]

Flood of administrative regs will slow to trickle as deadline nears

The blizzard of Obama administration regulations appears to be coming to an end. While legislative days could be added to the lame-duck congressional session, experts say the regulatory cut off is nearing for the administration to finalize controversial new rules without fear of them being overturned under the next administration. The Hill (Washington, D.C.)

Casper Star-Tribune editorial board: ‘Innovative workplace safety approach is laudable’

“Workplace safety is a critical issue in Wyoming. But for too long, reform has failed to gain traction. Safety advocates’ efforts have been foiled in the state Legislature, where bills that would increase fines continue to fail. A provision in the federal budget signed late last year raised fines for safety violations, but that wasn’t […]

Fed-OSHA investigates worker death at South Dakota ethanol plant

Federal workplace safety officials are investigating a fatal fire at a South Dakota ethanol plant. One person was killed and another injured in the May 6 fire at a POET Biorefining plant south of Hudson. The cause of the fire hasn’t been determined, but Fed-OSHA says the worker who died was welding inside a tank […]

Feds to publish companies’ on-the-job injury data

Data on the injuries and illnesses occurring in high-risk occupations will soon be made publicly available by the federal government. On May 11, Fed-OSHA issued a rule that will require many employers to electronically submit workplace injuries and illnesses. That data will then be uploaded to Fed-OSHA’s website. According to the agency, the data will […]

MIOSHA orders Bay City tree trimmer to cease operations

Michigan OSHA has executed a cease operation order against Sunset Tree Service & Landscaping of Bay City for continuing to operate without abating hazards on the jobsite. MIOSHA said it ordered the company to cease operations due to a lack of personal protective equipment, rescue procedures, maintaining minimum working distances to energized conductors and a […]

Fed-OSHA fines coffee roaster $63K after worker’s death

Fed-OSHA began an inspection Nov. 12, 2015, at the Atlantic Coffee Industrial Solutions LLC facility in Houston after the release of carbon dioxide asphyxiated a 53-year-old shift supervisor. Following its inspection, Fed-OSHA issued citations for nine serious violations on May 11, 2016. The employer did not provide proper training to its workers for stopping the […]

Nebraska ag group pushes back on fertilizer regulation

Nebraska farmers and fertilizer dealers are working together with members of Nebraska’s congressional delegation to fix a “misguided” regulatory proposal by Fed-OSHA related to the storage and handling of anhydrous ammonia fertilizer, writes David Briggs, chairman, Nebraska Cooperative Council Board. Star Herald (Scottsbluff, Neb.)