Hospitals combat violence in the ER

In New Jersey’s busy emergency departments, hospital employees are regularly threatened, cursed, screamed at and insulted. Sometimes, staff are sexually harassed, punched, kicked, bitten, shoved against walls or attacked with weapons. It’s so common, many workers believe such abuse is part of the job. Some believe it’s getting worse. Cherry Hill Courier Post

Fort Worth brewery fined after worker gets finger cut off

MillerCoors has been fined $77,000 after a worker’s finger was cut off at the company’s south Fort Worth brewery in December, Fed-OSHA announced Wednesday. Fed-OSHA issued citations to MillerCoors for willful and serious violations, the agency said in a statement. The shop’s lathes, used for cutting and drilling, lacked safety guards and emergency stops, Fed-OSHA […]

Buyers Products Co. in Mentor, Ohio cited with alleged repeat, serious violations

Fed-OSHA has cited Trailer Component Manufacturing Inc. in Mentor, Ohio for three alleged repeated and eight alleged serious violations, according to a news release. The maker of towing components operates as Buyers Products Co. An inspection was initiated in January after Fed-OSHA received a complaint alleging unsafe working conditions, the release stated. Inspectors reportedly found […]

Lead found at Ohio wastewater station delays upgrade

Lead has been detected in the soil at a Miamisburg, Ohio wastewater pumping station, prompting the EPA’s involvement. No indication has been found of lead-related risk to the public in Miamisburg’s drinking water supply or through airborne contaminants, but more extensive environmental testing will occur, according to the city. The lead discovery has delayed a […]

Boise trench collapse survivor speaking out about accident

Jorge Soto spent seven days in a hospital bed recovering from a trench collapse that took the lives of two of his co-workers. He suffered a broken wrist, multiple broken ribs, both of his shoulders were broken, and he still cannot see out of his left eye. Soto says he was buried alive under two […]

Fed-OSHA investigating Missouri electrical accident

Fed-OSHA’s Kansas City office has opened an investigation into an accident that occurred in Andrew County, Missouri Monday afternoon. Fed-OSHA’s initial reports show that employees of Capital Electric were pulling down de-energized overhead lines when a device holding the line failed. As it fell, the employees were injured. A news release from Fed-OSHA indicates that […]