Philadelphia worker dies after being struck by vehicles at car wash

Authorities say a worker at a northeast Philadelphia car wash was killed when he was struck by two vehicles. According to police, the 22-year-old man was cleaning the rear windows of a car when he was hit by a sport utility vehicle shortly before noon Monday. Police said he was then struck by a sedan […]

Oregon worker killed in logging accident

A Pendleton, Oregon man was killed Friday in a logging accident. Law enforcement officials say the 48-year-old worker was operating a forwarder, which picks up logs and stacks them in a pile when the machine rolled over and down the hill. It is reportedly the fifth logging-related fatality in Oregon this year, and the first […]

Michigan plant worker fatally injured

A 35-year-old worker was killed Sunday night during the operation of a large injection molding press, at Delta Tooling in Auburn Hills, Michigan. MIOSHA is investigating. Detroit Free Press

OFF-TOPIC: 6 essential steps to secure your smartphone or tablet

There are plenty of risks to the sensitive information on your gadget. That’s why you need to take immediate steps to lock down your phone or tablet. Let’s look at what settings you need to change and apps you need to install on your Android, Apple or Windows Phone gadget to keep hackers and snoopers […]

Hard hat may have saved construction worker’s life: police

A 27-year-old man injured when a steel beam struck him at a construction site Monday in the town of DeWitt, New York is likely alive because he was wearing a hard hat, police said. Fed-OSHA is investigating. Syracuse Post-Standard

Contractor cited for exposing Alabama workers to fall risks

A Georgia contractor is facing $130,500 in fines after seven different inspections over the course of five years found the company putting workers at risk of potentially fatal falls. Fed-OSHA cited MMC Construction LLC for failing to protect workers from fall hazards while working from heights as high as 13 feet on a worksite in […]

Welding fume hazards

Welding fumes can cause serious health problems for workers if inhaled, according to Fed-OSHA. Short-term exposure can result in nausea, dizziness, or eye, nose and throat irritation. Prolonged exposure to welding fumes can lead to cancer of the lung, larynx and urinary tract, as well as nervous system and kidney damage. Certain gases, such as […]