Oregon bridge crash: Trucking company has wreck history

The company that operates a semi-truck which crashed on a Salem, Oregon bridge offramp Wednesday morning has a history of safety violations and crashes that injured drivers, according to accident and inspection data. Don Averill Trucking of Tillamook has been cited by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration at least 16 times since 2014. The […]

ADOSH warns Yuma employers and employees about heat stress

Dizziness. Fatigue. Nausea. Headaches. Muscle cramping. These are all common signs and symptoms of heat exhaustion, and many Yuma workers have no escape from high temperatures. However, there are precautions to take to avoid heat stress. KYMA (Yuma, Ariz.)

Construction company hit with $71K fine for crane hazards

A Hillside, New Jersey construction company faces a proposed $71,400 fine and 29 federal citations for crane operation and chemical hazards, according to Fed-OSHA. RCS Construction LLC was putting its workers at risk of amputations and other serious injuries, the agency said in an announcement of the July 29 citations. NJ Advance Media

New Jersey chemical company didn’t protect workers from flammable gas, Fed-OSHA says

Chemical manufacturer Solvay Specialty Polymers has been fined $115,00 for exposing its employees to dangerous chemicals and violating Fed-OSHA regulations. The company was cited for eight serious safety violations and three repeat violations after a Feb. 6 inspection that focused on Solvay’s vinylidene fluoride manufacturing, Fed-OSHA announced Thursday. Solvay has been fined $40,000 for serious […]

Fed-OSHA: Employees of Illinois energy plant exposed to machine hazards

The Prairie State Generating Company in Marissa, Illinois has been cited for safety violations by Fed-OSHA for the fourth time since 2012. The agency late last month issued three repeated and four serious safety violations for exposing workers to machine hazards. Fed-OSHA opened its investigation in May, after receiving a complaint. The agency also proposed […]

North Dakota grain elevator operator fined $104K

A North Dakota regional grain elevator operator has been hit with a proposed penalty of $104,300 by Fed-OSHA, which cited six willful and eight serious citations of safety codes against Larson Grain Co. According to information released by Fed-OSHA, the citations trace back to an April accident at Larson Grain’s facility in Fredonia, North Dakota, […]

Alabama copper tubing plant faces $197K in fines

Copper tubing manufacturer GD Copper is facing nearly $200,000 in fines for exposing workers to risks ranging from falls to electric shock at its Pine Hill, Alabama plant. The violations include exposing employees to unguarded machine parts and lacking safety rails that put workers at risk of falls, among others. Alabama Media Group

Ohio metal coating plant faces Fed-OSHA fines for ‘splashing acid’

A Sylvania, Ohio metal coating plant is facing serious violations and fines for failing to provide appropriate protection to it’s employees, according to Fed-OSHA. Inspectors issued five repeat and four serious violations on July 29 stemming from a follow-up inspection conducted in February of this year. The company has been assessed a $115,500 fine. According […]