Death of worker at Denver industrial plant under investigation

The death of an employee Tuesday at KBP Coil Coaters Inc. in Denver remains under investigation. The worker died after being caught in an aluminum splitter machine according to a fire official. The company has no history of safety violations with Fed-OSHA, according to an official with the agency’s Denver office. Denver Post

Can workplaces be held liable for active shooters?

A group that offers active shooter training to businesses around the country is now saying workplaces can be sued if someone opens fire and employees were never offered that training. The ALICE Training Institute cites recent lawsuits under the Occupational Safety and Health Act. KEPR (Pasco, Wash.)

2 words keep sick Samsung workers from data: trade secrets

As a high school senior, Hwang Yu-mi went to work bathing silicon wafers in chemicals at a Samsung factory that makes computer chips for laptops and other devices. She died of leukemia four years later. After her 2007 death, her father learned a 30-year-old worker at the same semiconductor line also had died of leukemia. […]

Chemical burns, frostbite, broken bones—All for cheap chicken

Recently, federal authorities made an unprecedented move for workers’ health by citing the country’s largest poultry producer for “medical mismanagement,” along with various safety violations. Advocates see the move as a promising step toward fixing an industry that burns through workers’ bodies as fast as it churns meat on the “kill line.” Nation