One contract worker remains hospitalized following Sunoco fire

One L-Con Inc. contract worker remains hospitalized following a flash fire at Sunoco Logistics’ Nederland, Texas Terminal on August 12, according to information from the company. A total of seven L-Con contract workers were injured including four who were injured critically. All employees with burn injuries have been discharged from the hospital. Port Arthur News

Families of 2 roughnecks electrocuted at oilfield sue energy firms in Dallas court

The families of two men who were electrocuted while working on an oil well in West Texas in 2014 are suing three Texas energy companies. The wrongful-death lawsuit, filed last week in Dallas court, alleges that the companies created an “ultra-hazardous” work environment by placing a power line next to an oil well. Dallas Morning […]

Which houseplants should you pick to clean indoor air?

Indoor air pollution is a legitimate health and environmental problem. Paints, furniture, cleaning supplies and even building materials themselves contribute to buildup of what chemists call volatile organic compounds — compounds that easily evaporate to gaseous form at normal temperatures. Houseplants not only provide a pop of color and add to a room’s ambiance, they […]

A surprising simple solution to bad indoor air quality: potted plants

According to research by Vadoud Niri, a chemist at the State University of New York at Oswego, common house plants are effective at removing volatile organic compounds, pollutants like acetone, formaldehyde and toluene that easily become gases and pollute indoor air, from the air. He thinks the research does point to a possible, inexpensive mechanism […]

Connecticut construction worker’s vehicle-related death under investigation

Westport, Connecticut police say they are working with state and federal investigators to look into a construction accident that claimed the life of a local man on Tuesday. Police say a 69-year-old independent contractor was standing by a truck when he was hit by a chute coming out of a concrete truck. News 12 Connecticut […]

Missouri leads Fed-OSHA region in workplace deaths since October

There have been 45 workplace deaths since October in a four state region, and 24 of those have been in Missouri, according to Fed-OSHA’s acting regional administrator. Fed-OSHA’s Region 7 covers private business employees in Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska and Iowa. The agency covers approximately 182,500 businesses in Missouri, nearly 82,000 in Kansas and more than […]

Fed-OSHA launches regional pilot program on speeding up whistleblower review process

Fed-OSHA has launched a pilot program in its Western region that allows whistleblowers protected by certain statutes to request that the agency stop an investigation and release findings to the Office of Administrative Law Judges. Under the pilot program, which went into effect August 1 in Fed-OSHA’s Region 9, whistleblowers may be able to obtain […]

North Carolina roofing company employee dies after fall

A 24-year-old man injured when he fell from a roof near Wilkesboro, North Carolina died Tuesday at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center in Winston-Salem, according to an OSHNC spokesman. The worker reportedly was installing felt on the roof of a two-story house when he lost balance, attempted to jump but got his foot caught on […]