Freezer where Atlanta employee found dead had faulty exit

An exit button inside a walk-in freezer in a downtown Atlanta hotel where a worker was found dead failed to work during an inspection, trapping two people who had to beat on the door to alert someone to let them out, a medical examiner found. KSL (Salt Lake City)

Feds reviewing court ruling on fertilizer dealers policy

The federal government says it’s reviewing a federal appeals court ruling that Fed-OSHA did not follow proper procedures when imposing stricter regulations on farm fertilizer dealers. The policy change announced last year would regulate retail dealers of farm fertilizer such as anhydrous ammonia under the same standards as manufacturers. It came after a deadly explosion […]

Fed-OSHA fines landscaping firm for heat-related death

Fed-OSHA cited an Indiana-based landscaping company for what it called a serious safety violation that contributed to a Dexter, Missouri, man’s July heat-related death. Investigators determined he collapsed after working more than nine hours in direct sunlight during a day when the heat index climbed to 112 degrees. According to the agency, the company lacked […]

Military explosives manufacturer facing nearly $143K in penalties

A military explosives manufacturer in Wisconsin is facing nearly $143,000 in Fed-OSHA penalties, according to the U.S. Department of Labor. The employer allegedly exposed about 40 employees to lead. Personal and wipe sampling conducted by Fed-OSHA found four employees were overexposed. WDJT (Milwaukee)

Ohio cardboard manufacturer cited by Fed-OSHA

A Middletown, Ohio cardboard manufacturer has been cited by Fed-OSHA for safety violations after a 34-year-old temporary worker suffered a severe compression injury to her right arm in August. Her hand and arm were caught between an idler roll and the belt on a compression desk, according to a news release. Cincinnati Enquirer

Fed-OSHA: Massachusetts cave-in could have been prevented

Fed-OSHA is proposing $119,000 in fines for a heavy-construction firm after an accident several months ago in Methuen, Massachusetts. According to the agency, on June 15, two workers from E.T. & L. Construction Corp. were working in a 12-foot deep trench when a concrete duct encasing utility wiring that was suspended above the trench collapsed […]