Boston: Drain service company has long history of safety violations

The company at the center of Friday’s fatal water line break in Boston’s South End has a lengthy history of troubling safety violations, including citations for workers lacking oxygen underground and for conditions that could lead to cave-ins, federal records show. The company was cited as recently as March for failing to provide a rescue […]

20-foot fall kills worker at Michigan fruit facility

An employee at an Ionia County, Michigan fruit company fell 20 feet to his death in what police call a work accident Saturday morning. The 62-year-old man was working to change light bulbs in a cooling room around 8 a.m. Saturday when the accident occurred, officials say. WZZM (Grand Rapids, Mich.) [with video]

Kansas: Fed-OSHA report reveals 2 hospitalized after 2002 explosion

The 41 Action News investigators have found the company where a chemical leak took place Friday in Atchison, Kansas has a history of dangerous incidents that have caused injuries. Atchison, Residents woke up to the sounds of sirens Friday. Upon looking outside, it appeared thick fog was covering the air. In reality, it was two […]

Virginia governor pushes workplace safety after surge in fatalities

Workplace-related deaths this year have already surpassed the 31 fatalities experienced in both 2014 and 2015, Virginia Department of Labor and Industry Commissioner C. Ray Davenport said during a training seminar Friday. If the pace keeps up, that means the state could see another eight to 10 workplace deaths before the end of the year, […]

New Jersey company fined $9K over crane accident that killed 2 workers

A Sussex, New Jersey-based company was recently fined by federal labor authorities in connection with a fatal accident at the new Hanover firehouse this past February in which two workers were killed by a falling five-ton generator. Three other companies were also involved in the project but were not found to have violated safety regulations […]

Florida contractor faces almost $360K in Fed-OSHA fines for fall protection hazards

A Bay County, Florida contracting company has been cited by Fed-OSHA after inspectors reported employees went unprotected from falls as they installed truss framing at a residence. The agency issued the willful citations for failure to protect workers with a fall protection system when working at heights up to 22 feet and for not having […]

Subcontractor that dug into gas line before Portland explosion had six citations in five years

The subcontractor that dug into a gas pipeline before Wednesday’s explosion in Northwest Portland has been cited by health and safety regulators six times over the last five years for alleged violations including exposing an employee a cave-in, not properly evaluating airborne hazards on a jobsite and not putting up proper road signs. KATU (Portland, […]

Fed-OSHA quietly issues guidance on incentive programs, disciplinary programs and drug-testing programs

On October 19, 2016, Fed-OSHA published a memorandum interpreting the new anti-retaliation provisions in Section 1904.35 as part of the new final rule – “Improve Tracking of Workplace of Injuries and Illnesses.” In conjunction with the memorandum, Fed-OSHA also provided example scenarios of incentive, disciplinary and drug-testing programs and how the new rule may be […]