Boston Globe editorial: City, state let contractor slip through cracks

“The way two construction workers died last week in the South End is horrific and tragic enough: Kelvin Mattocks and Robert Higgins were working in a trench on Dartmouth Street when a water line broke and flooded it with water, dirt, and debris. Adding to the outrage: Their deaths were entirely preventable, had city and […]

Will robots be the butchers of the future?

An army of knife-wielding robots capable of “deep learning” via algorithms and artificial intelligence may one day soon be taking over one of the most gruesome industries in America. That may sound like a horrifying, high-tech Halloween fantasy, but it’s poised to become a reality. The “official” rate of injury and illness for America’s meat-processing […]

Georgia worker killed in trench collapse

A construction worker was killed in Waco, Georgia last Monday morning when a trench he was working in caved in around him. Fed-OSHA is investigating. Times-Georgian (Carrollton, Ga.)

Colorado and Wyoming authorities look for 13-month-old boy’s body in landfill

Weld County, Colorado Sheriff’s Office deputies pitched in as Wyoming officials began planning a search for a 13-month-old boy’s body in a landfill west of Ault on Thursday. Authorities having to comply with a host of federal rules and regulations, including those coming down from the Environmental Protection Agency and Fed-OSHA; and also are struggling […]

Worker fatally struck by tree in New Jersey

A 30-year-old father from Rockland County, New York was fatally struck on Wednesday by a portion of a tree that was being cut down at a town home complex, police said Thursday in a news release. Police declined to identify the man by name. Fed-OSHA is investigating. lohud/Journal News

Fed-OSHA to probe Brooklyn wastewater plant death

Fed-OSHA is joining the investigation into the death of a worker at a wastewater treatment plant in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, Wednesday. A Department of Environmental Protection contractor fell into a 35-foot-deep treatment tank and died, despite efforts by fire department divers to save him. News12 Brooklyn [with video]

Crumbling Southfield, Michigan city properties warned about mold, bedbugs

One of Detroit’s biggest suburbs is facing some serious violations. According to a letter from the Michigan OSHA last month, Southfield had until Thursday to investigate and address safety and health concerns here or the state could open an on-site investigation. Crumbling stairs, mold spores inside a parking garage and bed bugs were spotted inside […]

Michigan: Arnold Center gets state award for workplace safety, health

The Arnold Center in Gladwin and Midwest International Standard Products in Charlevoix have received renewal of the prestigious Michigan Safety and Health Achievement Recognition Program award from MIOSHA. The MSHARP award acknowledges employers with outstanding workplace safety and health programs that far surpass their counterparts. Both facilities have excellent safety and health management systems in […]

Chicago-area firm cited after worker killed during first day on job

A mobile medical tractor manufacturer has been cited by Fed-OSHA more than three months after a worker was killed during his first day on the job in south suburban Monee, Illinois. The 58-year-old electrician was working underneath a semi trailer when another worker inadvertently punctured a hydraulic line, and the trailer fell onto his head […]

Fed-OSHA cites Milwaukee-area firm for unguarded machine

A Waukesha, Wisconsin company where a worker suffered a partial amputation of his right index finger failed to maintain proper safety guards on its machinery, according to Fed-OSHA. The agency sent inspectors to KG on May 26 after the company reported that a worker had lost part of a finger a month earlier while clearing […]

Fed-OSHA probes worker exposure to sulfide gas at Sioux City-area plant

Fed-OSHA has launched an inspection at Big Ox Energy’s South Sioux City, Iowa plant after being alerted last week that an employee of a contractor at the facility was hospitalized due to hydrogen sulfide exposure. The incident was reported about the same time several homeowners in South Sioux City began reacting to foul odors emanating […]

HHS finalizes changes to NIOSH’s Coal Workers’ Health Surveillance Program regulations

The Department of Health and Human Services has finalized amendments to NIOSH’s Coal Workers’ Health Surveillance Program regulations to set standards that require coal mine operators to present a plan for providing lung testing and X-ray exams to surface and underground coal miners. The changes also establish standards for NIOSH to approve facilities that perform […]