Concussions not just a sports problem: Reports of workplace injuries on the rise

Perhaps because of increased attention to concussions suffered by athletes, there has been a big jump in the number of reported workplace concussions in the last couple of years. Slips, trips, falls, bangs on the head and vehicle accidents are common causes of brain injuries incurred on the job. That head injuries happen at work […]

CDC calls for protections for coffee workers, others in food industry

Calling the risks of contracting permanent or deadly lung disease “serious,” the CDC finalized a warning Monday to those in the coffee, popcorn and other food and beverage making businesses: Beware of diacetyl. The chemical occurs naturally in coffee roasting and is released in higher concentrations when the beans are ground or storage bins are […]

Navigating the legal landscape of new Department of Labor regulations

“In the wake of the Department of Labor’s recent flurry of changes to its federal regulations, employers are left trying to navigate a new legal landscape fraught with uncertainty. However, one thing is for certain – these new regulations will mean large-scale changes for both the workplace and employers nationwide,” writes attorney Jeff Smith of […]

One dead in Michigan crane collapse

A crane collapsed at a Holland, Michigan-area business Tuesday, fatally injuring the 55-year-old operator who had been working alone to move a large piece of equipment from a flatbed trailer. MIOSHA is investigating. WWMT (Kalamazoo, Mich.)

Work can resume at Miami high-rise where scaffolding collapsed

Construction can resume after scaffolding from one of the top floors of a Miami condo tower fell and left one bystander dead and injured five other people last month, according to a City of Miami memo written Monday. A city official previously told the Miami Herald that a cantilevered scaffolding that hung over the edge […]

EPA reopens comment period for TSCA SNU regs

On October 21, 2016, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency reopened the comment period on a proposed rule revising regulations governing significant new uses of chemical substances under the Toxic Substances Control Act, per a request from a commenter. National Law Review

Mold found in two South Carolina courtrooms

A new report shows that August testing found more mold in South Carolina’s Spartanburg County Courthouse, prolonging an issue county employees and officials have been battling for months. The county has spent up to $300,000 to remove mold from the courthouse to alleviate health concerns. GoUpstate

Ohio manufacturer fined $214K by Fed-OSHA

A manufacturing company in Pataskala, Ohio is facing a nearly $215,000 fine for a series of violations that put its employees at risk of amputation and serious injury after safety devices were disabled to speed production, according to Fed-OSHA. The alleged violation comes a year after the company was cited for failing to require employees […]