Fed-OSHA cites New Jersey cleaning products manufacturer

A Linden cleaning products manufacturer faces as much as $83,000 in fines for alleged chemical hazards and other issues, according to Fed-OSHA. The agency said Santec, Inc. failed to properly label hazardous chemicals, lacked forklift training and maintenance, exposed employees to electrical hazards and other violations of workplace safety rules. NJ Biz

Nurse who was brutally assaulted by a patient wins grievance case against hospital

A Bergen Regional Medical Center nurse who was brutally assaulted in 2015 by a patient known to be violent won a grievance case against the Paramus, New Jersey facility, which must cover some medical expenses and back pay, an arbitrator has ruled. On Wednesday, the county officials overwhelmingly approved the introduction of an ordinance to […]

Apparel business prevails in action filed by flight attendants

Alaska Airlines flight attendants recently lost the lawsuit they filed in 2013 against corporate apparel company Twin Hill. The plaintiffs had alleged their new uniforms caused multiple medical problems, including contact dermatitis, hives, headaches and breathing problems. A total of 164 Alaska Airlines flight attendants had joined the suit by the time it went to […]

New York: Local firing ranges stay up to code to avoid lead contamination

As concerns over lead in public water has increased, concerns over lead contamination have gone unnoticed at either public or private gun ranges, despite several studies finding a correlation between such ranges and lead poisoning. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention conducted a study from 2002 to 2012, in which 2,056 persons employed in […]

Pending litigation, appeals in wake of deadly Boise trench collapse

When Fed-OSHA released its investigation into a May 3 trench collapse in a Boise neighborhood, it confirmed what a good many people had feared: The collapse, which killed two workers and seriously injured a third, was preventable and Meridian-based Hard Rock Construction was willful in ignoring federal safety standards. Hard Rock was assessed penalties of […]