U.S. Bank Stadium contractor, roofing company settle Fed-OSHA suit in worker death

U.S. Bank Stadium contractor Mortenson Construction and subcontractor Berwald Roofing paid fines totaling $147,500, a penalty lower than initially proposed, in order to settle a case with Fed-OSHA for safety violations in the death of one worker and injuries to another in August 2015. Minneapolis Star-Tribune

Employee drug testing under the new Fed-OSHA rules

In August 2016, the new Fed-OSHA rules concerning anti-retaliation and anti-discrimination in the workplace went into effect, but the enforcement of the provisions was delayed until December 1. Among the topics covered by the new mandates is a tightening of the circumstances under which an administrator can order an employee to undergo a drug test. […]

Fed-OSHA whistleblower update: Curious case of expanding agency

Given the number of laws that fall within Fed-OSHA’s purview, it should come as no surprise that the agency has sought to expand its reach of late in ways that may leave employers scrambling to understand the risks and obligations they face when a whistleblower comes forward. National Law Review

Fed-OSHA’s new anti-retaliation drug testing rule and New York’s legalization of medical marijuana may leave employers dazed and confused

The rapid shift in drug policy both federally and locally has created significant concern and confusion for many employers, employees, and job applicants about workplace drug testing in general and testing for marijuana specifically. This alert provides guidance on the implications of Fed-OSHA’s new rule regarding post-accident drug testing, as well as New York’s Compassionate […]

Explosion inside Rhode Island building sends 2 to hospital

Two people were injured Wednesday after an explosion inside a building in Warren, Rhodes Island. The cause of the explosion remains under investigation, but a fire officials says it stemmed from a gas oven. Fed-OSHA is expected to inspect the building. WPRI (Providence, R.I.)

Bradley: ‘Media hype aside, energy industry is safe’

The new movie “Deepwater Horizon” chronicles the 2010 oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. This is a story worth telling, but the Deepwater disaster should not indict the entire energy industry. Oil and natural gas firms actually have an exceptional safety record. Thanks to improved technology and safety standards, incidents like Deepwater are extremely […]