In Connecticut, Fed-OSHA penalties decline by 50 percent

Penalties levied against Connecticut companies for violations of occupational safety rules dropped by more than half between 2011 and 2015, and the number of cases with penalties fell by 40 percent in the same time period, according to a C-HIT analysis of Fed-OSHA data. Data from the agency’s offices in Bridgeport and Hartford show initial […]

Electrocution, drowning confirmed as cause of 17-year-old lifeguard’s death

An autopsy report released last week confirms preliminary findings in the death of a 17-year-old lifeguard at a Raleigh, North Carolina pool: she was electrocuted, which caused her to drown. The pool water was electrified when a pump motor stopped working properly and a corroded wire prevented the flow of electricity that would have tripped […]

Penalties for workplace safety violations get extra cuts in Arizona

Phoenix roofers labored 20 feet above the ground without guardrails or fall-protection gear. In Tempe, workers were exposed to hazardous chemicals, including chlorine gas, without an adequate safety plan. An untrained Mesa worker was injured using a machine that didn’t guard human limbs from moving parts. After all three workplace safety violations this year, officials […]

Wyoming occupational fatalities decrease in 2015

The Research & Planning (R&P) section of the Wyoming Department of Workforce Services has reported that the number of occupational fatalities declined from 37 in 2014 to 34 in 2015, a decrease of 3 deaths (-8.1 percent) – bringing 2015’s fatality level equal to the average number of fatalities in Wyoming from 1992 to 2015. […]

Advanced black lung cases surge in Appalachia

Across Appalachia, coal miners are suffering from the most serious form of the deadly mining disease black lung in numbers more than 10 times what federal regulators report, an NPR investigation has found. The government, through NIOSH, reported 99 cases of “complicated” black lung, or progressive massive fibrosis, throughout the country the last five years. […]

New Fed-OSHA rule revives 5-year injury recording period

Fed-OSHA issued a final rule Friday requiring that companies note and keep records of workplace injuries for five years after they happen, attempting an end-run around a 2012 D.C. Circuit decision that shot down its prior continuing obligation rule. The new rule restores Fed-OSHA’s “longstanding position” that employers must record and keep records of worker […]

IOSHA looking into death of man killed in paint tank

Indiana OSHA is looking into the death of a 67-year-old man who fell into a paint tank at Red Spot in Evansville where he had been an employee for 40 years. WAVE (Louisville, Ky.) [with video]

Fed-OSHA fines hospital over failure to help nurses lift heavy patients

What do you get when you combine a national obesity crisis with an aging workforce? Injured nurses, says the nursing union that forced a South Jersey hospital to provide more training and equipment to help nurses safely handle patients. Virtua Memorial Hospital in Mount Holly, New Jersey has reached a settlement with Fed-OSHA in which […]