Fed-OSHA releases Recommended Practices for Anti-Retaliation Programs

Last week Fed-OSHA announced the release of its “Recommended Practices for Anti-Retaliations Programs.” The publication is “intended to assist employers in creating workplaces that are free of retaliation … This document is advisory in nature and informational in content. It is not mandatory for employers, and does not interpret or create legal obligations.” Another caveat […]

Form 300A postings required starting February 1

Most employers with more than 10 employees (some low-risk industries are exempted) must keep a log of serious work-related injuries and illnesses to assist in evaluating the safety of a workplace, industry hazards and worker protections that may help prevent future incidents. And every year, Fed-OSHA mandates that those employers post a summary of the […]

Fed-OSHA cites Ohio foundry for safety hazards

Fed-OSHA has found that a casting and foundry facility operator continues to expose workers to machine and fall hazards at its Coshocton, Ohio plant. The agency said in a statement that it found that workers were exposed to live electrical contacts and fall hazards because guardrails lacked a top rail and floor holes were not […]