Fed-OSHA investigates after Missouri man found dead in trailer tank

Fed-OSHA is investigating the death of man found Wednesday inside a semitrailer tank in Pleasant Valley, Missouri. Fed-OSHA is investigating the incident at the business, which cleans and repairs semitractor-trailers and tanks. The man, who was thought to be a tank cleaner, died at a hospital. Kansas City Star

Boston’s Wyndham hotel fined again for unsafe working conditions

For the second time in less than two years, the Wyndham Boston Beacon Hill has been fined for unsafe working conditions involving medical waste, including exposure to used needles. Fed-OSHA proposed a penalty of $15,934 for two violations involving the risk of “physical hazards such as lacerations and puncture wounds” and management’s failure to tell […]

South Carolina OSHA investigating fatal construction accident in Charleston

South Carolina OSHA is investigating the accidental death of a construction worker that occurred late last year in Charleston. The 47-year-old Greensboro, Alabama man died December 16 of blunt force trauma in a construction accident, according to the local coroner. Charleston Post and Courier

Contractor pays Fed-OSHA fine for Pittsburgh’s Liberty Bridge fire without appeal

Joseph B. Fay Co. of West Deer, Pennsylvania, the contractor refurbishing Pittsburgh’s Liberty Bridge, has paid a federal fine for safety violations that led to September’s construction fire that closed the bridge for more than three weeks. Christopher Robinson, director of the Pittsburgh office of Fed-OSHA, said Thursday that Fay paid the $11,224 fine after […]

Trump order delays effective date of Fed-OSHA’s beryllium rule

The effective date of a final rule on occupational exposure to beryllium created by Fed-OSHA has been delayed in response to an executive order by President Donald J. Trump freezing the effective dates of new agency regulations, according to an entry made to the Federal Registry on Wednesday. Fed-OSHA said in the entry that the […]

Fort Washington behavioral hospital finds itself on Fed-OSHA ‘perp walk’

In an effort to deter noncompliance, Fed-OSHA is turning to alternative methods to ensure employers provide safe and healthy workplace, including what has been dubbed the “perp walk” approach. While the Occupational Safety and Health Act has little bite to it, with penalties that are deemed by some to be too low to deter noncompliance, […]

Blogworld: ‘Another addition to the mountain of incomprehensible and costly federal regs’

“Complaints about the mountain of federal regulations that burden small businesses are too often dismissed as more right-wing blather. Until you actually see one. Here’s a recent one from OSHA (issued last October during the waning days of the Obama administration) that seeks to clarify–really?–rules about reporting on-the-job injuries. For one thing, it forbids routine […]

NIOSH publishes blog item on art and science of occupational exposure limits for nanomaterials

On February 1, 2017, the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) posted a blog item entitled “The Art and Science of OELs for Nanomaterials.” According to the item, NIOSH searched for proposals for occupational exposure limits (OEL) for new nanomaterials as part of the development of a World Health Organization (WHO) guideline for […]