FLASH: Congress Reins in OSHA Log 300 Rules

The U.S. House has voted to rescind a controversial Fed-OSHA regs on injury and illness recordkeeping. The Senate and president will follow suit. Will employers in California be able to be cites for up to 5 years for OSHA 300 log violations? Find out here…

Times of Trenton editorial: 2 Republicans showed courage by standing against the crowd

“By a relatively close margin, the U.S. House of Representatives voted to make it harder for workers to track on-the-job injuries – and therefore to hold employers accountable when appropriate. The lawmakers voted 232-191 to nullify a rule that businesses have to keep updated records for employee injuries and illnesses for up to five years […]

Security, safety top priorities in overturning midnight regulation

“The Obama administration left behind a regulatory environment costing our taxpayers a staggering $1.89 trillion each year and costing businesses forced to comply with these regulations over 580 million hours of paperwork per year. What’s worse is that regulations thought to improve safety and efficiency have in fact done the opposite,” write Sen. James Inhofe […]

Contractor building Austin’s Fairmont hotel files $27 million lawsuit

The general contractor building what will soon be Austin’s largest hotel has filed a lawsuit seeking at least $27 million in damages against a subcontractor that allegedly caused the project to fall behind schedule. In documents filed in U.S. District Court in Austin, Hunt Construction Group Inc. accuses Cobb Mechanical Contractors Inc. of not providing […]

Report exposes safety and wage issues with federal contractors

There has been in influx of claimants raising issues against companies alleging they are subjecting their employees to unsafe work conditions, or not paying them the wages they deserve. A report was just released finding that federal contractors all too often violate labor laws while taking in taxpayer dollars. The report was released just before […]

Grede foundry, supervisors indicted on asbestos violations at former Wisconsin plant

Grede foundry and three supervisors have been indicted on several counts of misleading and thwarting federal and state regulators investigating asbestos exposure to workers at one of the company’s now-closed facilities. The supervisors lied to inspectors who visited Grede’s Berlin, Wisconsin plant in 2012 following a complaint from workers that they had been exposed to […]

Study explores which jobs have a high percentage of sleep-deprived workers

Are you getting enough sleep before you show up for work? For employees in a number of industry sectors, including health care, food service and transportation, the answer frequently is “no.” The latest evidence of a sleepy – and potentially unsafe – workforce comes from a NIOSH study that looked at sleep duration by occupation […]