‘Protecting workers, the constitution and our judicial process’

While many of his critics are quick to describe President Trump’s nascent administration as authoritarian in nature, his predecessor authored dozens of rules that directly contradicted statutory limitations and disregarded judicial mandates. One such example is a somewhat obscure and innocuous-sounding Labor Department rule commonly referred to as the “Volks Rule.” The Hill (Washington, D.C.)

OSHNC investigates Charlotte restaurant kitchen fire

OSHNC s now investigating a popular South End restaurant after a March 11 fire badly burned an employee. Fire investigators said a natural gas leak led to a flash fire from a kitchen appliance. WSOC (Charlotte, N.C.)

Florida’s workplace death rate rises more than nation’s, data show

Even as workers’ chances of dying on the job have declined nationally, Florida’s workplaces collectively have become less safe in recent years, new data shows. In Central Florida during the last two years, workers have died at Universal Studios, amid Interstate 4 construction, in a mushroom plant and elsewhere. Some worked in high-risk areas while […]

South Dakota: Rapid City residents concerned about asphalt plant

The Pennington County, South Dakota Commission meeting room was near capacity last Monday as citizens, including local soccer boosters, expressed concern over a proposed rezoning of county land that could allow an asphalt hot mix plant to be built one mile west of the Dakota Fields Soccer Complex. Representatives from local soccer organizations and residents […]

NIOSH will hold public meeting and seeks comments on draft CIB on the Occupational Exposure Banding Process: Guidance for the Evaluation of Chemical Hazards

On March 15, 2017, the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health published a Federal Register notice announcing the availability of a draft Current Intelligence Bulletin (CIB) entitled The NIOSH Occupational Exposure Banding Process: Guidance for the Evaluation of Chemical Hazards for public comment. Under occupational exposure banding, chemicals are assigned to specific categories or […]