St. Louis boiler explosion claims fourth life

A 53-year-old man is the fourth victim of a boiler explosion at a St. Louis business. He was filling out new employee paperwork at a neighboring linen business when the one-ton boiler exploded at Loy-Lange Box Co., flew through the air and crashed through the linen company’s roof, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported. U.S. News […]

Former Fed-OSHA official using newsletter to share citation info

A top Fed-OSHA official during the Obama administration recently began publicizing penalties levied by the agency after the agency stopped doing so: Fed-OSHA last published a press release regarding an enforcement action two days before President Donald Trump took office. Industrial Distribution

Truck damages Florida homes during tree removal

In Jacksonville, Florida, two homes were damaged after a crane operator tried to move a section of a tree that did not budge, causing the truck to tilt upright and crash into the first home, and then onto the roof of the house behind it. Fed-OSHA is investigating. Palm Beach Post

Sun-Times editorial: Veteran bus drivers should have toughest routes

“Five people were killed and more than 1,000 injured in CTA bus crashes in 2015 and 2016 …. According to the CTA, that’s a good safety record compared with similar large public transit systems. But it could be better if more experienced drivers were assigned to routes that might be too much for newer drivers,” […]

El Paso pawn shop worker choked by lanyard on conveyor belt

Fed-OSHA investigated a fatal September accident at an El Paso pawnshop and determined that the woman who died there was choked to death by her lanyard when it was pulled into a conveyor belt that she was operating. KFOX (El Paso) [with video]

In Ohio, new law changes rules for employee handgun possession

Ohio labor and employment attorneys are urging business and property owners to review their employee handgun policies to ensure they comply with a new law expanding the rights of those who have concealed carry licenses. Ohio Gov. John Kasich in December signed a bill that allows concealed carry licensees and certain others to bring their […]

Charlotte start-up faces charges by state labor officials

Five former employees have accused a Charlotte, North Carolina startup company that offers communal working space for women of not paying lower-level workers as the company got off the ground. Coterie Company is the subject of at least two investigations within the state of North Carolina’s Department of Labor Wage and Hour Bureau. The company’s […]