Colorado company fined in fatal pipeline incident

A Rifle, Colorado employer faces a Fed-OSHA fine of more than $8,000 following a fatal accident at a pipeline construction site last October. Initial reports indicated the construction worker was killed when he inadvertently loosened a board that 60-foot-long pipes were resting on and the pipes rolled and trapped him beneath them as he and […]

Court: Pan Am retaliated against injured employee

A federal appellate court has upheld a ruling against Pan Am Railways, Inc. that the company retaliated against an employee who sought damages over a workplace injury. According to the court, a few weeks before his accident, the employee thought the pile was a workplace hazard and reported it to his manager, but the pile […]

Ticks an outdoor work hazard

Outdoor workers are at risk of exposure to ticks they are in a wooded or bushy area, or an area with high grass or leaf litter, particularly in the spring, summer and fall, when ticks are most active. NIOSH recommends workers follow a number of tips to help prevent tick bites. Safety+Health

Crane operator electorcuted at Vermont wind project

VOSHA is investigating is investigating the death a week ago of a man at the construction site of a 15-turbine wind power project. Officials say the 59-year-old was electrocuted when the crane he was operating came into contact with high tension power lines. Bennington Banner

Do drug tests complicate hiring?

Advocates of drug-testing employees say it boosts safety and productivity as well as cuts personnel problem costs, especially true in accident-prone industries or professions such as health care, where clients have access to controlled substances or others’ homes. But does pre-employment drug testing also complicates the already difficult task of hiring good people? Sharon Herald

‘Finding common ground on workplace safety’

According to the most recent Bureau of Labor Statistics data, there were 4,836 fatal work injuries nationwide, including 97 from New Jersey in 2015. However, these numbers alone fail to take into account the chronic injuries and mortality that can result from long-term exposure to hazardous working conditions, argues Charles Wowkanech is president of the […]

Milwaukee barrel company fined for chemical hazards

A north side Milwaukee industrial drum refurbisher has been fined $108,000 by Fed-OSHA for violations classified as serious. They include exposing workers to chemical and heat-related burns, toxic gases, dangerous noise levels, the risk of falls and other hazards. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Feds fine company $100K in Sioux Falls lounge collapse

Fed-OSHA has issued nearly $100,000 in fines to the construction company that was remodeling a Sioux Falls, South Dakota lounge when it collapsed and killed a 24-year-old worker in early December. A second investigation specific to the worker’s death is active. Argus Leader