GOP considering new legislation on joint employer rule

Republican lawmakers are considering a pro-business bill to nullify the Obama administration’s efforts to expand the legal definition of “joint employer.” Many reportedly believed that merely rewriting one law would not be sufficient to bring back the previous legal standard, and that a broader effort encompassing all workplace-related laws was necessary. Washington Examiner

Toledo-area plant fined $570K

Fed-OSHA has fined Autoneum North America, a manufacturer of automotive insulation, nearly $570,000 after a December incident in which an employee at its Toledo-area plant lost his hand and part of his right arm while at work. Toledo Blade

Three employees die at Boston-area auto auction

At least three people were killed and nine others were injured last week when an elderly auto auction employee drove a sport-utility vehicle into a crowd of spectators and crashed through a brick wall in Billerica, Massachusetts. Fed-OSHA, which is investigating, reports that the company was fined $2,200 in 2014 after investigators found that it […]

Less public shaming for companies that put workers at risk?

A Fed-OSHA spokesman says it’s not the Trump administration that’s causing the agency’s holdup in posting workplace deaths on its website. Under Obama, Fed-OSHA regularly issued statements about enforcement actions; but for months after Donald Trump took office, it primarily has focused on safety events. Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Investigation closed in fatal fall of Georgia man

Fed-OSHA lacked jurisdiction to complete a full investigation into the death of a 21-year-old who fell through the roof of a Dalton, Georgia restaurant while installing an air-conditioning unit. The agency says it closed the investigation because the man was a partner with his father in the air-conditioning business. Dalton Daily Citizen

Fed-OSHA fines northwest Iowa energy plant more than $50K

In the wake of a six-month investigation into a hydrogen sulfide gas exposure last year, Fed-OSHA has fined a Sioux City, Iowa-area renewable energy plant with a half-dozen serious violations totaling more than $50,000 in fines. The violations allege lack of protection, education and safety practices that left employees vulnerable to hazardous gases inside the […]

Guilty plea in New Hampshire circus tent collapse tragedy

The company involved in a deadly circus tent collapse in 2015 in Lancaster, New Hampshire has been fined $18,000 after pleading guilty Wednesday to eight charges connected to the case. The tent collapsed in high winds, killing a 41-year-old man and his six-year-old daughter, and injuring dozens of other people. Fed-OSHA has already fined the […]

As temps climb, waste industry professionals prep to avoid heat illness

As summer approaches, some waste management employers are preparing for heat illness risks to employees. Solid waste workers are particularly at risk, because they have physically demanding jobs requiring outdoor work, or they work with little or no air conditioning with hot machines. Waste360

Poultry and meat workers at high risk of serious injury, study concludes

According to the National Employment Law Project and Bureau of Labor Statistics data, poultry workers are 1.6 times more likely to suffer work-related injuries and illnesses, and meatpacking workers are twice as likely to be injured on the job, according to Fed-OSHA on reports of severe injuries that occurred from January 2015 to September 2016 […]

Fed-OSHA withdraws “walk around rule”

In the the latest effort by the Trump administration to roll back pro-union rules put in place by the Obama administration, Fed-OSHA has withdrawn a rule that allowed union representatives to accompany agency officials during inspection of non-union workplaces. The rule was originally restricted to employees at the workplace being inspected. Starting in 2013, Fed-OSHA […]