FLASH: Company officials charged in electrocution

It was supposed to be a small project to support a local football team, but inattention to detail killed a worker and seriously injured another. Now a Southern California safety professional, his boss and a crew chief face criminal charges in the incident. Find out what happened and how safety professionals and employers can avoid […]

Massachusetts auto auction tragedy claims fourth victim

A 50-year-old man died Wednesday from injuries he sustained May 3 when an elderly employee of a Billerica, Massachusetts automobile auction drove into a crowd of spectators, officials said, making him the fourth person to die as a result of the crash. Eight other people were hospitalized with non-life-threatening injuries. Boston Herald

Lift accident kills one Jacksonville construction worker, injures another

In Jacksonville, Florida, two construction workers were loading supplies into a third-story window from a wooden crate hoisted by a cherrypicker lift Thursday afternoon when the crate fell, pulling the workers down with it, killing one and critically injuring the other. Fed-OSHA is investigating. Florida Times-Union

Construction company contests Fed-OSHA fines in Sioux Falls building collapse

Hultgren Construction on Friday announced that it will contest Fed-OSHA citations and penalties of more than $100,000 related to the December collapse of a downtown Sioux Falls, South Dakota building the company was remodeling. According to the agency, the company failed to tell workers how to install a temporary support system as they removed load-bearing […]

Serious finger injuries at Toledo-area factory spur willful, repeat citations

Napoleon Spring Works Inc. of Archbold, Ohio, faces $484,000 in Fed-OSHA fines for 21 cited violations, including two classified willful and nine repeat. In late October, an employee suffered a crushed finger and an amputated finger while working on a mechanical power press. Then, in November, another employee lost a finger while trying to unjam […]

NIOSH posts survey results on healthcare employees and chemical hazards

NIOSH has created an online topic page spotlighting a survey that examines hazardous drugs and chemical hazards present in the healthcare industry. The survey analyzed the chemical hazards of aerosolized medications, anesthetic gases, antineoplastic drugs, chemical sterilants, high-level disinfectants and surgical smoke. Safety+Health

Tech: Can an app help end workplace harassment?

A major contributing factor to a toxic company culture may be lack of ways to report bad behavior. A new app allows employees to report incidents such as harassment, intimidation, bullying, discrimination, and workers’ comp fraud anonymously, and they can attach screenshots, photo, or video evidence. Fast Company

Could your OSHA 300 logs lead to Chemical NEP inspection?

Fed-OSHA reportedly has started conducting inspections under its Chemical National Emphasis, and the agency’s position as well as the court’s ultimate ruling could affect the way in which these inspections are initiated. For facilities subject to Fed-OSHA’s Process Safety Management of Highly Hazardous Chemicals Standard, an inspection stemming from an employee injury or complaint could […]

No significant funding cuts for Fed-OSHA, NIOSH, MSHA for FY2017

Fed-OSHA’s funding will remain unchanged for the remainder of fiscal year 2017 under a spending bill passed by Congress on May 4. NIOSH is slated for $335.2 million, far more than former President Obama’s proposed budget expenditure of $213.6 million. Funding for MSHA is about $2.1 million lower than in fiscal year 2016, with a […]