Addressing mental health after Orlando workplace shooting

A former forensic psychologist says Monday’s workplace shooting incident at an Orlando, Florida awning manufacturer was “no surprise” but is another wake-up call to discuss mental health. Dr. Patrick Cook says if an employee sees a co-worker lashing out at others, seeming depressed, or just acting out of character, the employee should speak up. The […]

Colorado officials, Fed-OSHA to host first marijuana employee safety course

The Colorado Department of Agriculture, Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment and Fed-OSHA are teaming up to host a seven-hour health-and-safety course for marijuana employees on June 28. The state’s burgeoning commercial marijuana sector has faced significant health-related issues since retail dispensaries opened in 2014, as the industry has continued to grow and add […]

Will a safety complaint against your company result in an inspection?

At least one of eight criteria must be met for Fed-OSHA to conduct an onsite inspection based on a complaint. What are they, and what are the agency’s priorities? What important rights does an employer during the inspection process? The Tribune (Greeley, Colo.)

Investigation continues in Wisconsin mill explosion

Fed-OSHA and state officials are investigating the cause of the massive explosion that killed three people and leveled a Cambria, Wisconsin corn mill a week ago, and will be for months, according to a village official. Wisconsin State Journal

Workplace protections viewed with new skepticism

The Trump administration may significantly relax government’s approach to occupational safety. A spokesman for the White House has called the Obama administration’s approach was “counterproductive.” Business groups that have fought Fed-OSHA actions have welcomed the apparent new direction. New York Times

Fed-OSHA looking into explosion at Iowa glass company

IOSH is investigating an explosion that occurred over the weekend at a DeWitt, Iowa manufacturer of high-performance glass for architectural, residential, interior, transportation and technical glass applications. Five workers were hospitalized following the Saturday blast. OurQuadCities

NIOSH extends comment period for RFI on peracetic acid

In response to a stakeholder’s request, NIOSH has extended the comment period until October 1, 2017, on a Request for Information on peracetic acid. NIOSH, which has not yet established a recommended exposure limit for peracetic acid, is seeking information and related data on the possible health effects among workers exposed to the liquid. Safety+Health