Sen. Alexander promises to move quickly Trump’s NLRB nominee

Sen. Lamar Alexander, R-Tenn., says his committee would act quickly to confirm the nomination of Marvin Kaplan, current chief counsel of the Occupational Safety and Health Review Commission, to fill an open seat on the National Labor Relations Board. Business groups and Republican lawmakers regularly complained the NLRB tilted pro-union under President Obama, but say […]

Maine had 136 severe injuries and six job-related deaths last year

According to Fed-OSHA, the state of Maine had 136 severe injuries and six fatalities for the 2015-16 workplace safety reporting period. Injuries ranged from broken bones to lacerations to lost fingers. Workplace safety has been generally improving in the state since 1992, according to Michael Bourque, senior vice president of external affairs at the Maine […]

Employee killed in tank explosion at W.V. business

An employee who was cleaning a gas tank at a West Virginia business that cleans and decommissions them is dead following an explosion. It appears similar to an incident that occurred on May 24 and resulted in the deaths of two employees and injuries to another, according to Fed-OSHA. WVI

Survey: Many dental offices lack plans for controlling bloodborne exposures

More than a quarter of private dental practices have not fulfilled Fed-OSHA’s requirement for a written, site-specific bloodborne pathogens exposure control plan, according to a recent survey conducted by NIOSH and an oral health care advocacy group and published in the June edition of the Compendium of Continuing Education in Dentistry. Among other findings, the […]

Michaels: Environmental studies stave off disaster

The president and his advisors probably have no idea that an Environmental Impact Statement saved the country from what might have been one of the worst environmental disasters in our history, writes Dr. David Michaels, assistant secretary of Labor for Fed-OSHA under President Obama. The Hill (Washington, D.C.)

Fed-OSHA will not cite International Paper in January blast

Fed-OSHA issued a hazard alert earlier this month stating that the agency does not plant to issue a penalty or citations for an explosion earlier this year at a Cantonment, Florida paper mill. The January 22 blast released a thick, black substance on the adjacent neighborhood. Officials at the time said they could not determine […]