Employee electrocuted at Florida distillery

A 33-year-old employee of an Auburndale, Florida distillery was electrocuted Wednesday while splicing wires on a conveyor belt motor. The lockout system used to shut off power to the motor may have been affixed to the wrong circuit breaker. Fed-OSHA is investigating. Lakeland Ledger

Fed-OSHA investigating after roof collapse traps Queens workers

Fed-OSHA is investigating two employers following a roof collapse that trapped and injured several construction workers at a home construction site in the Astoria neighborhood of Queens, in New York City. Two workers were critically hurt after being trapped, and a third suffered serious injuries in last Tuesday’s incident. Both businesses reportedly have been investigated […]

Fed-OSHA finds two serious violations related to electrocution of N.D. carpenter

Fed-OSHA has cited a North Dakota contractor with three violations related to the low-voltage electrocution of a 30-year-old Grand Forks, North Dakota carpenter at a home construction worksite in late March. Two of the cited violations relate to insufficient precautions around electrical power circuits. Grand Forks Herald

Trump administration trying to ease beryllium exposure rule

The Trump administration wants to exclude the shipbuilding and construction industries from a regulation that would reduce employee exposure to beryllium. The lightweight metal is used in foundry and smelting operations, machining, beryllium oxide ceramics, composites manufacturing and dental lab work, and is lighter and stronger than steel but can cause a fatal lung disease. […]

Beware of hearing damage from fireworks

A Purdue University audiologist recommends watching both professional and personal fireworks from a distance, in order to avoid hearing damage. Fireworks’ volume ranges from 120 to 170 decibels, and the threshold of pain is 140 decibels. Fed-OSHA standards cap the level of safety at 85 decibels. KPC News (Kendallville, Ind.)

Wyoming has fewer workplace deaths this year

According to Wyoming OSHA, there have been three workplace fatalities in the state so far in 2017. The agency says this year’s lower numbers are a result of the oil and gas industry slowing down. KGWN (Cheyenne, Wyo.) [with video]

HCS update not in the offing, says Fed-OSHA official

Maureen Ruskin, deputy director of Fed-OSHA’s Directorate of Standards and Guidance, last week stated that any long-awaited update to the agency’s Hazard Communication Standard is not in the offing. The HCS was revised most recently in 2012. Safety+Health

Posture pointers for computer jockeys

Hunching over your computer keyboard for long periods can put stress and strain on your whole body. That’s a comfortable working posture, with your joints naturally aligned. Click here to find out what it is and how to do it. U.S. News & World Report