Navy secretary nominee vows to crack down on safety lapses

The president’s nominee for secretary of the Navy, Richard V. Spencer, an investment banker and former Marine Corps aviator, has pledged to monitor workplace safety violations among private shipbuilders building America’s warships. A recent investigation found that the Navy and Coast Guard had rewarded private shipbuilders with $100 billion in contracts despite accidents that endangered […]

Stuntman’s death raises set safety questions

Fed-OSHA is investigating the fatal fall of a 33-year-old stuntman on the Georgia set of The Walking Dead. This is the second fatality on a set in the state in the last three years. The latest incident marks another high-profile tragedy, and it could renew concerns about safety on set. Variety

Georgia quarry worker crushed by falling rocks

A 36-year-old man is dead after being crushed beneath 8 tons of falling rock at a Lexington, Georgia quarry on Thursday. He reportedly was drilling a section of granite when a large chunk of rock broke away. He fell trying to get out of the way, and the falling rock landed on top of him. […]

Broken pipe linked to toxic chemical leak at Mass. manufacturer

A broken pipe is believed to have caused a toxic chemical to leak and form a vapor cloud as employees arrived at an Attleboro, Massachusetts manufacturing plant Wednesday morning. No injuries were reported and the company reportedly executed its evacuation plan. The leaking hydrochloric acid was kept inside a secondary containment system and air quality […]

Three died ‘needlessly’ in toxic manhole

Fed-OSHA has fined a Michigan underground utility more than $100,000 in connection with the deaths of three employees, 15 feet beneath a Key Largo subdivision street in January. The agency charges that the employer failed to ventilate the manhole before its employees entered it and were rapidly overcome by lethal levels of hydrogen sulfide and […]

Florida: Fall at Jacksonville water plant under investigation

Fed-OSHA is looking into an accident last week involving a subcontractor who fell 20 feet while working at Jacksonville, Florida’s new water treatment plant. The man reportedly suffered serious, but non-life threatening injuries after falling from a ladder on Tuesday. WLDS

Explore new database of severe work-related injuries in Hawaii

In 2015, Fed-OSHA began requiring employers to report any amputation, in-patient hospitalization, or loss of an eye. However, this data only covers injuries in workplaces overseen by the federal agency. In Hawaii, most severe work-related injuries are reported to HIOSH, which provides only summary statistics by industry, but not incident-level data like that released by […]

Debate over beryllium toxin reopened

The Trump administration has vowed to take a hard and skeptical look at industry regulations in the name of weighing costs versus benefits. One such reg, published in the last days of the Obama administration, provides for stricter exposure standards for toxic beryllium, which is found in some shipyard blasting operations. Under a proposed change, […]

Fed-OSHA issues fine in electrocution of Texas contractor

Fed-OSHA has issued fines of $12,675 in connection with the electrocution death of a 34-year-old man who was working on a downed power line in Tyler, Texas, in February. Another contractor also was injured as the two attempted to repair to a damaged utility pole. KLTV (Tyler, Texas)[with video]

Truck fatally strikes employee on asphalt project

Fed-OSHA is investigating the death of a 51-year-old man in Butler, Pennsylvania who was killed Tuesday morning while working on an asphalt paving project, when a co-worker operating a truck ran over him. WTAE (Pittsburgh) [with video]