Layoffs follow big Fed-OSHA fine

Layoffs have hit a Delair, New Jersey aluminum manufacturing facility following Fed-OSHA’s issuance of $1.9M in workplace safety fines last month. The agency handed down the penalties to Aluminum Shapes, which manufactures products for the construction, transportation and architectural industries, in connection with 51 cited violations, some of which related to chemical burns and broken […]

New Jersey employee’s crush death prompts Fed-OSHA suggestions

Fed-OSHA is suggesting that a New Jersey marble and granite slab business make voluntary changes its stone slab-handling practices, including moving slabs in teams with the assistance of spotters, and creating specific procedures for situations in which employees handle slabs alone, following the death of a 60-year-old man who was pinned beneath multiple slabs of […]

Ohio: Opioid crisis hits workplaces

The opioid epidemic may be worst drug crisis in US history, and Ohio has been identified as an epicenter. Ohio employers have been impacted with lost productivity, absenteeism, and greater risk of workplace accidents, and business and government leaders are working together to find solutions. Entire industry sectors report that it’s increasingly difficult to find […]

Pennsylvania: Investigation of deadly landfill collapse completed

Fed-OSHA has completed its investigation of a February landslide at a landfill in Kersey, Pennsylvania that resulted in the death of a 49-year-old employee. State records described a crack reportedly at least four feet wide by 100 feet long in the active disposal area at the landfill. WJAC (Johnstown, Pa.)

NIOSH report recommends buddy-system following Chicago fireman’s death

In December 2015, a 42-year-old, 15-year veteran of the Chicago Fire Department, fell through an elevator shaft while fighting a fire in a former slaughterhouse. A report by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health has found that he and a colleague had split up after reaching the second floor. Fire Engineering

Connecticut tree services worker fatally struck

A 33-year-old tree services worker in Windsor, Connecticut was fatally struck by a large tree branch while working on private property on Friday. Fed-OSHA is investigating. Norwich Bulletin

Wisconsin senator asks why barrel facilities have not been inspected

A Journal Sentinel investigation earlier this year revealed environmental and safety problems at a chain of barrel refurbishing plants, including two near Milwaukee, but Fed-OSHA has not investigated either facility. The agency has inspected only one of six plants in the chain, which also includes facilities in Arkansas, Indiana and Tennessee. It has prompted a […]