Fed-OSHA investigates Mississippi shipbuilding accident

An employee who suffered extensive burn injuries during hot work at a Pascagoula, Mississippi shipbuilding facility two weeks ago Friday remained in critical but stable condition last week. Fed-OSHA is investigating. gulflive

New ordinance requires Chicago hotels to provide staff with ‘panic buttons’

In an effort to protect hotel employees from sexual harassment and other guest-misconduct, the Chicago City Council earlier this month passed an ordinance that will require Chicago hotels to provide certain staff with “panic buttons” and develop specific policies. The ordinance does not require hotels to use a specific type of device, as long as […]

Observer-Dispatch editorial: New York’s Scaffold Law needs to go

New York’s Scaffold Law law holds contractors and property owners liable for injuries that occur on the job that are the result of a fall or of falling objects. This is ridiculous since they have little or no supervisory control over projects. Employers do. At one time, the Scaffold Law made sense, but reform is […]

Keeping older drivers safe

An older worker’s ability to drive may be affected by factors related to aging, including declining eyesight and hearing, arthritis, and decreased motor skills, memory and the ability to make quick decisions. NIOSH has several safety recommendations for older drivers and their employers. Safety+Health

The ‘Bermuda Triangle’ for employers

A company may be aware that it would be a violation of federal law to mandate that a disabled employee return to work without providing reasonable accommodations, or to restrict their medical leave to the 12 weeks required by the Family and Medical Leave Act. What most employers fail to recognize is that they have […]

North Carolina firemen reportedly trained in building with dangerous asbestos

A Charlotte television station reports that 130 Gastonia, North Carolina firemen trained last December in an old department store building that had asbestos tiles just below the roof. According to the fire chief, some of them damaged the old asbestos tiles. City officials learned about the training months later and changed the policy to make […]

Worker continues to recover after bucket truck overturns on highway

Several weeks after a bucket truck overturned on an expressway near Miami, the 37-year-old crane operator who was inside the truck and fell 30 feet to the ground continues his recovery. Officials say his actions during the incident prevented the boom truck from falling down from the highway and landing on cars. WSVN [with video]