Oregon growers, farmers at odds over pesticide proposal

A proposal to reverse pesticide spraying guidelines from Oregon OSHA is sparking a debate between farmers and growers in Oregon. A farm labor advocacy group says the state is undermining a change promulgated by the EPA that would keep 100 feet of buffer between plants and labor housing units. One grower says making that modification […]

Nevada subcontractors: Plenty of work, not enough workers

In Nevada, as the economy has turned around and construction has rebounded, the jobs returned have but not the workers. “Without a doubt, the biggest challenge for our members is finding skilled labor,” says Chad Hirschi, president and CEO of Hirschi Masonry, and past president/current board member of the Nevada Subcontractors Association. Nevada Business

Hospitals scrambling to solve air pollution issue

Fed-OSHA has recommendations in place to reduce exposure to the gases inside of hospitals and operating rooms, but there are no regulations on how much of these gases a building can emit. A handful of hospitals across the country are working to make their anesthesia use more environmentally friendly. Popular Science

Video shows New York cosmetics plant explosion

The catastrophic November 20 fire at a New Windsor, New York cosmetics factory that was was sparked when static electricity ignited a flammable liquid during the manufacturing process has been captured on video. The explosions and resulting fire killed one employee and injured more than 125 people. Fed-OSHA reportedly had cited the plant multiple times […]

Whistleblower: City of Des Moines employees don’t want to report injuries

An anonymous whistleblower recently contacted Iowa OSHA to report that Des Moines public works employees were being written up after they reported getting hurt on the job, and that the city’s safety review committee is biased. However, the city manager says injuries are down among public works employees because of more training and “more attention […]

Fed-OSHA settles with pottery company for $545K

Fed-OSHA has reached a settlement with a Marshall, Texas pottery manufacturer following the April death of a 42-year-old assistant plant manager who became trapped inside of 300-foot kiln that activated while he was servicing it. Marshall Pottery reportedly has agreed to pay more than $545,000 in penalties. According to the agency, the company was cited […]

Florida fireman sues employer of men he tried to save from confined space

A Key Largo, Florida fireman who attempted to save three utility workers in an underground manhole in January is suing their employers for negligence. Among the allegations is that no one on the jobsite told firefighters that the workers had succumbed to a fatal combination of hydrogen sulfide and carbon monoxide before they entered the […]