Haz-mat incident at Connecticut plant spurs evacuations

A chemical reaction Monday at a Hartford, Connecticut manufacturer of driveway sealer prompted evacuations of several dozen employees and of nearby houses and businesses. The haz-mat issue was caused by a reaction between phosphorus pentoxide, a plastic resin and water in a mixing chamber, according to an emergency responder. Hartford Courant

Commuting noises could pose long-term risk

A first-of-its-kind study indicates that though the noise commuters are exposed to is usually within recommended limits, repeated exposure to occasional bursts of loud noise can harm hearing over time. Noise exposure while biking was particularly high, the investigators found. U.S. News & World Report

Wisconsin man dies in sandblasting accident

A 26-year-old new employee died November 27 in a reported sandblasting accident at a Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin industrial facility. Fed-OSHA is investigating. Courier Press (Prairie du Chien, Wisc.)

Wooden shipping pallets are killing people

Wood pallet-related injuries are common, often serious and sometimes fatal. These incidents are costing Walmart and other American retailers (and their investors) tens of millions of dollars each year. For example, a fatal accident earlier this year occurred in Florida when two pallets fell off the top of the stack while a Walmart employee was […]

Fed-OSHA appeals decision invalidating multi-employer citation policy

Last month, Fed-OSHA filed an appeal to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit seeking to preserve its multi-employer citation policy which has been in place for decades. A decision in this case will have huge impact for construction employers in Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi. New Labor Secretary Alex Acosta has indicated that […]