OR-OSHA report notes violent chimp attacks at sanctuary

Oregon OSHA received three complaints in April regarding a chimpanzee sanctuary in Tumalo and fined the nonprofit more than $20,000. However, a new report identifies 30 incidents over the years, including cage doors left open and chimpanzees that had escaped or attacked workers. None of the incidents was reported to the agency or ever made […]

U.S. Attorney launches criminal investigation into Sioux Falls building collapse

The U.S. Attorney has begun the second federal inquiry–the first was by Fed-OSHA–into the December 2016 collapse of a lounge in downtown Sioux Falls, South Dakota that killed a construction worker. The inquiry includes a review of data related to the man’s death including video, photographs and interview statements. KSFY

Anhydrous ammonia: Know the dangers

A worker can be exposed to anhydrous ammonia in several ways, and the severity of any injury will depend on the length of the exposure, as well as the concentration level of the gas or liquid. Here’s what NIOSH wants employers and employees to know about anhydrous ammonia exposure. Safety+Health

Agency releases 18 new fact sheets on silica exposure in construction

Fed-OSHA has released 18 fact sheets that provide guidance on the respirable crystalline silica standard for construction. The fact sheets provide employers with information on how to fully and properly implement controls, work practices, and respiratory protection (if necessary) for each of the 18 tasks listed in Table 1— Specified Exposure Control Methods under the […]