911 calls released following deadly drilling rig explosion

Emergency audio has been released in connection with an explosion at an Oklahoma drilling rig that killed five people last week. Fed-OSHA is investigating. An initial report released by the Oklahoma Corporation Commission claims that there was an uncontrolled release of gas that caught fire and that an employee unsuccessfully tried to shut down the […]

Upstate New York food manufacturer fined $300K after amputation

A Wolcott, New York food ingredients manufacturer where a temporary employee’s hand was severed last year is facing more than $300,000 in Fed-OSHA fines for violations classified willful and serious. The accident occurred when the employee reached into the rotating airlock of a food dryer while cleaning it. Fed-OSHA also cited a temporary-staffing agency for […]

Minneapolis eliminates dry cleaning solvent ‘perc’

Dry-cleaning workers who routinely breathe excessive amounts of solvent vapor or spill perchloroethylene, or perc, on their skin, are at risk of developing health problems, according to Fed-OSHA. Minneapolis has become the first major city to eliminate use of the solvent, according to city officials. The city began efforts to eliminate perc use in 2012. […]

EPA attempting to settle with barrel refurbishing plants

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is negotiating a settlement with a chain of troubled chemical barrel refurbishing plants, it announced following a weekend meeting. A Milwaukee Journal Sentinel investigation published last year revealed dangers to workers and the public from the Milwaukee-area plants and in three other states. Fed-OSHA has issued citations against the plants […]

Tips to prevent cold stress during outdoor work

“Cold stress” happens when a person’s skin temperature, and eventually internal body temperature, drops to levels at which the body cannot warm itself, according to Fed-OSHA. To help prevent cold stress, there are several instructions employers should provide to employees. Safety+Health

Son sues for $50M over dad’s death in cesspool collapse

A Greenlawn, New York sewer and drain contractor is being sued for $50 million by the son of a 59-year-old employee who was buried in a sewer trench while digging a cesspool in May 2017. Another of the company’s workers reportedly died under similar circumstances at a different worksite seven months later. In both instances, […]

Chattanooga hotel fined $4,500 for asbestos violations

Tennessee OSHA has fined the owners of The Read House, a historic downtown Chattanooga hotel, with $4,500 in fines for failing to adequately protect workers and guests from asbestos exposure during renovations. The 241-room hotel used asbestos for insulation. TOSHA cited 12 violations, 11 of which were categorized as serious. Times Free Press (Chattanooga, Tenn.)