NTSB faults Amtrak’s safety culture in fatal 2016 crash

The National Transportation Safety Board last week reported that more than two dozen unsafe conditions existed at a Philadelphia-area work zone where an Amtrak train struck a maintenance backhoe last April, killing a backhoe operator and a supervisor and injuring around 40 passengers. NTSB chairman Robert Sumwalt said Amtrak’s approach to safety had created a […]

Pennsylvania crane accident kills two, injures three others

An outdoor crane accident at a Pennsylvania crane-manufacturing company has resulted in the deaths of two employees and injuries to three others, one of whom was in critical condition following the incident Friday morning. A company official did not reveal any specific information about the model of the crane. Fed-OSHA is investigating. Record Herald (Waynesboro, […]

Fed-OSHA standards moot in Oklahoma rig explosion

A natural gas drilling rig that recently exploded near Quinton, Oklahoma, resulting in the deaths of five workers, is not covered by Fed-OSHA’s Process Safety Management of Highly Hazardous Chemicals regulations due to an exemption for oil and natural gas drilling, servicing and production. A 2013 Obama administration executive order directed Fed-OSHA to evaluate whether […]

Four injured in Ohio explosion

Fed-OSHA is investigating after four people were burned in an explosion Friday at a Shawnee Township, Ohio foundry. Hometown Stations (Lima, Ohio) [with video]

Wells Fargo moving to resolve another whistleblower claim

Almost two years after reaching a $185 million settlement over allegations that it opened up to 2.1 million potentially unauthorized accounts, Wells Fargo is facing continued scrutiny from financial regulators. As recently as last month, it was negotiating a settlement with a former executive who claimed she was unlawfully fired in retaliation for refusing to […]

Bad science at NIOSH?

Congress should consider overseeing NIOSH’s recommended worker exposure limits for diacetyl, argues Bruce Fein, an attorney who served as associate deputy attorney general and general counsel of the Federal Communications Commission under President Reagan. Specifically, Congress should investigate whether reducing the amount of popcorn flavorings has diminished the incidence of bronchiolitis among microwave popcorn workers, […]

Fines and lawsuit spurred by deadly tire explosion

A Kalamazoo, Michigan employer is facing $21,000 in MIOSHA fines in connection with an explosion last August that killed a 45-year-old employee, and a civil lawsuit brought on behalf of his children. The suit charges that the company was negligent in providing safety practices and procedures and in supervising employees who were working to mount […]