Neighbors return home after Wisconsin refinery blast

Residents in Superior, Wisconsin were allowed to return to their homes Friday morning after explosions and a series of fires at an oil refinery forced the evacuation of a large swath of the city. The blaze at the Husky Energy refinery began Thursday morning. Eleven people were reportedly injured Thursday and treated in area hospitals […]

IOSH investigates fatal fall into power source

IOSH is investigating the April 6 death of an employee of a home exteriors company who reportedly fell from a ladder onto a nearby power source at a Clinton, Iowa apartment complex. Clinton Herald

Lawsuit settled over explosion at Oregon marijuana processor

A construction worker who was injured in a 2016 explosion and fire at an Astoria, Oregon marijuana production facility has settled a lawsuit related to the incident. He had alleged that some of the defendants had been vaporizing concentrated marijuana with an open heat source, while making hash oil in an open-ended system, at the […]

Michaels: Fed-OSHA not protecting workers from chemical exposure

Of the thousands of chemicals in the workplace, Fed-OSHA has set only about 30 exposure limits, in addition to the 470 it adopted from industry that date to the 1960s or earlier, according to David Michaels, former assistant secretary of labor for Fed-OSHA. Michaels contends many of these limits are dangerously unprotective. The Hill (Washington, […]

North Carolina: Activists honor workplace death victims, call for more protections

A bell tolled 174 times outside the North Carolina state capitol building Friday morning to mark the state’s 2016 death toll of workers while on duty. Dozens of people at the rally held pictures of people who died on the job. The North Carolina State AFL-CIO and other activist groups organized the 2018 Workers’ Memorial […]

MassCOSH: Worker deaths continue to rise

According to a report released Thursday by the Massachusetts Coalition for Occupational Safety and Health, 74 people in the state lost their lives because of work-related accidents and illnesses in 2017, an 11-year high, reflecting a nationwide rise in worker deaths. Young people in particular are at risk because there are so many of them […]