Pallet industry: How to address Fed-OSHA’s ‘top 10’ violations

Fed-OSHA’s top-ten list of recorded violations for 2017 is fairly similar to prior years, because they are often-ignored trouble spots. This article explores common factors in the citations, relevance to the pallet industry and ways employers can reduce liability. PalletEnterprise

Two St. Louis construction workers killed in fall down elevator shaft

Two construction workers are dead after falling down an elevator shaft in downtown St. Louis. They reportedly were inside a basket that was connected to a safety cable, cutting pipe, when the cable snapped and they fell down the elevator shaft. KMOV (St. Louis) [with video]

Examiner confirms lightning strike killed Florida farmworker last month

The Broward County medical examiner has concluded that a 53-year-old worker died of high-voltage injuries after being struck by lighting on May 16. As inclement weather began, the foreman at the worksite reportedly had been discussing with workers whether to stop picking cucumbers in the fields when the lightning strike occurred. At least two other […]

Florida utility contractor dies in manhole

A 53-year-old man who had been working in a manhole in Cape Coral was found dead in a manhole on Friday; it was unclear whether the death was work-related or due to medical reasons. Fed-OSHA is investigating. WBBH (Fort Myers, Fla.) [with video]

Partial home collapse kills Philadelphia worker

Fed-OSHA is investigating after a two-story home being demolished in Philadelphia partially collapsed Monday, killing one of two contractors. The collapse happened one day before the fifth anniversary of the collapse of another building in the city that left six people dead and 13 injured. WABI (Bangor, Maine) [with video]

Group gathers at site of Charlotte construction worker’s fatal fall

Work resumed last week at a Charlotte, North Carolina construction site where a worker fell to his death a week prior, as about a dozen community members and union leaders gathered at the site to call for accountability and justice. On May 24, the man fell out of an elevator on the 19th floor of […]